Monster ILSR-1M Toslink Fiber Optic Audio Cable (1 meter)

General Information

If you demand audiophile quality sound, using audiophile digital cable is essential! Many fiber optic cables use generic fiber. This limits the amount of light that passes through the cable, causing signal loss and jitter. These cables are typically terminated by machine, which leaves the optical fiber rough. As the signal is transferred, portions of the light reflect back and forth within the cable. This causes jitter, a phenomenon unique to the digital domain. Jitter is a non-linear distortion, a temporary fluctuation of the digital audio signal that it reduces dynamic range and clarity, while compressing the soundstage and significantly raising the noise floor. Your CDs and movie titles will sound good - not great.ILSR features a high quality special index optical fiber that allows the maximum amount of light (signal) to pass through the cable. This far superior bit stream transfer maximizes bandwidth and delivers the crystal clear, incredibly lifelike digital sound that DVD, Dolby Digital, and DTS are renowned for, with total accuracy. Precision polishing of the fiber helps reduce cable-induced jitter and substantially lowers the noise floor. The digital signal can travel smoothly down the light pipe, unimpeded. You'll hear increased dynamic range, a more three-dimensional soundstage, pinpoint imaging and superb clarity. Other standout features include Monster's unique spring-loaded pressure connection, which keeps the optical fiber perfectly aligned between the output source and your component's input.Your music and home theatre components are reference quality. They need a digital cable that's reference quality, too. Use Interlink Lightspeed Reference and get all the digital sound you paid for.


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