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Monster Cable Yao Monsters Solar In-Ear Headphones - Silver

  • Yao Ming and Noel Lee have created Yao Monster, bringing their passions to the world of consumer electronics and lifestyle products. Yao Monster brings revolutionary products of technology and fashion to share and inspire others. It is the unsurpassed fusion of east and west. It is a fusion of ideas and ideologies. It is a fusion of technology and fashion. It is a fusion of technology and life. Yao Monster By delivering the ultimate in viewing and listening experiences as well as fashionable accessories for the active lifestyle, the Yao Monster brand will empower young people to enjoy ways of expressing their sense of modern Chinese identity as well as their traditions of giving back to the community. To this end, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Yao Monster products will go to support The Yao Ming Foundation, which builds schools for disadvantaged children throughout China. Features Cable slider reduces tangles during storage Right angle connector plugs the player to stay out of your way and reduce wear; perfect for airline jacks 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance Includes compact protective super soft pouch


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