Monoprice 8320 IEM

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  1. WhatTheHell
    "Never mind this review"
    Never mind this review.
  2. gsbergman
    Pros - Great audio, comfortable, low cost
    Cons - none
    I bought these after reading the reviews. Boy, was I impressed. These phones smoke my Klipsch S4's. Although they are IEM's and not earbuds they smoke my Yuin PK1 earbuds too. These phones are the best I've found for under $200, no joke. You'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding IEM for the price, or for that matter 25 times the price. I love them. If they were priced at $100 I would still pay the price for these great sounding phones. What else can I say, BUY THEM!!!!!.
  3. 7nationarmy
    "Stupid Good for $7!"
    Pros - Very Decent SQ, PRICE OMG
    Cons - Bad baad cable (tangle prone, don't seem durable), Not the most comfy, No accessories at all
    The true budget IEM king!
    First of all, there are no accessories and packaging. The IEM comes in a plastic wrap. That's that. Can't complain for $7 though.
    The housing is a big, bulky shiny plastic. OK for the price. For me comfort is not bad at all, but for those who have smaller ears comfort will be an issue. Get another pair of eartips cos the stock ones are not so good. I use Meelec tips stuffed with Comply foam.
    The worst part: cable. Super tangle prone, kinks, and no chin slider.
    But... the sound! You can't get any better sq for even 5-10 times the price.
    Bass: Has a decent impact and control, but lacking extension. Overall it is still enjoyable for most tracks.
    Mids: Unexpectedly smooth and fairly detailed.
    Highs: Fair amount of sparkle and detail, but again, lacks extension.
    Soundstage: It is wide, but not really deep. 
    Overall the 8320 is a very nicely balanced sounding IEM which worth much more than its price. Since it is very cheap, it is good to keep more than 1 for backup, practising recabling, try out stuff.
  4. Nawawa
    "These are truly gems among the rubble."
    Pros - Way above its price range in terms of Sound Quality. Great Price. Did i mention great sound quality with an unbeatable price?
    Cons - No accessories, No packaging, QC is not perfect. Looks cheap. Not that sturdy. Fabric cable. Big housing may hurt small ears.
    Just got these. Been out of touch with headfi iems for awhile after all i had before were dead or lost.
    These are mid-way through burn in process and i'm beginning to love them. I'm not even considering the price yet. I got them through a local guy who brought over for SGD$13. These are balanced. They sound similar to my RE0s from what i recall. (They lasted me a pathetic month, too expensive to ship back over to China) I don't think beginners will truly appreciate unless they've tried around IEMs way higher than this bracket range.
    Not as detailed as Fischer Audio's DBA-02 and not as bass heavy as FA's Eterna.  
    A class above Meelectronic's M6 which sound too digital and fake to me.
    Slightly different from Brainwavz M2. (which are really good IEMs)
    Similar sounding to RE0. (Mine pathetically broke after a month, which tells you a lot and it was too expensive to ship it over for warranty.)
    These are big. You need to get use to it or else you will hate it. It already hurt my ear abit wearing it around the ear method cause the housing is large but wearing it straight down is more comfortable but subjected to more microphonics. I used Sony Hybrids on mine. The stock tips are terrible. I only received one btw.
    I already love this mid burn in, a lot of detail for a $7 IEM. Usually you get muffled crap at this price, no details no bass. This is a nice surprise. Way out of its supposed price range.
    Most probably they could rope in more cash for this if it came with accessories and a proper packaging. Well just get them, if not just chuck them. These are good but don't expect good QC though, the plastic tip were slightly defective but it doesn't interfere with the sound.
    (notice how i'm comparing all the great IEMs way above the price range of the monoprice 8320. that serves as a reminder to keep in check that price does not equate best sound quality. so take everything with a pinch of salt and try it. Planning to get a couple more since these are very affordable for a poor student like me.)
  5. mrcrazyshoes
    "Pretty great $7 iem's"
    Great sounding iem's. I was amazed that they could sound this good for only $7! The only bad thing about them is that the tips that come with are pretty bad. You can get replacements for them on Amazon for pretty cheap though.
  6. ThickT
    "Love these"
    Pros - Sound, price, build quality
    Cons - Fit
    Fit is not so good, but can be fixed with some foam tips. Build quality is pretty good. Nice termination and Y splitter. I am very happy with the sound. I believe everyone hears things differently, so im just going to tell you what i hear when i listen to them. To me there is very little sub bass. Even with deep insertion and a perfect seal. That being said, the mid bass is there and its done very nicely. Its got good clairity, impact and It rides right along side to rest of the spectrum never overpowering the mids or highs. The overall bass performance, dispite the lack of sub bass and decay is satisfiying to me. Moving on to the mids. I think this is my favorite area of the spectrum. I hear good detail and i find it slightly forward, witch i love. Honestly, these have the best sounding guitars for metal and general hard rockin music out of all my iem's. I relly love the mids and guitars attack and crunch on these! The highs. To me they are nicely detailed. They can become a little rolled off sometimes, but overall im pleased with the highs. Excellent details heard from open/closed high hats.

    Soundstage, to me is just a tad above average. I think it helps that the overall signature is balanced. Bass mids and highs are all presented evenly with a slight tilt to the mids. One of the only flaws i can say about these is that to me the do sound overly "thin". That the only way i can think to describe it. Turning up the volume just never seems to make them sound "full"'.

    I really like these alot and i find myself choosing theses more often than not over all my othet iems due to their stellar reproduction of guitars. Oh yeah and these respond well to my fiio e6 too.
  7. shimrra
    Pros - The price and the sound
    Cons - Packaging
    For the price these little guys sound amazing, my only con is that they just came in a paddle envelope inside a clear bag with a tape model number on it. But other than that the sound these babies dish out are to unbelievable. Order them directly from since they are selling it the cheapest.
  8. loki993
    "Monoprice 8320"
    Pros - Price
    Cons - Not the most comfortable
    I bought these from seeing them in the comparison thread and figured why not, how can you go wrong for 7 dollars. Only regret was I didn't have anything else to get from Monoprice at the time so I couldn't combine shipping. 
    To me they sound great, I am a noob and only have the pair of iBeats the came with my Rezound to compare...(these are better) . Pretty good bass and good mids. Though the high and mids do get a bit muffled. Sound stage is ok, nothing super wide but not nothing either. 
    As for the fit, well the standard tips were too big for my ears and kept falling out. I put some smaller tips on from some other IEMS I have and they fit a lot better. Still I can definitely tell they're in my ears. Also the jut where the cables connect to the IEMS makes it very hard to get deep in your ears and sometimes presses which makes it a bit more uncomfortable. Even with the different tips they don't have total isolation, buts til its pretty good. I believe all of this can be rectified with some different tips and I'm sure I can get them to sound even better and get them comfy. 
    Great value. 
  9. shiftdelete
    "Audiophile quality for less than you pay for lunch!"
    Pros - GREAT sound quality. GREAT price
    Cons - plastic, no accessories
    Not the most glamorous IEM's... but looks aside, these things are BEASTS! Just buy them.. you may find yourself loving them!  If not, give them to someone else, because they are sure to!
  10. i2ehan