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The MOE SS01's are suited for all genres of music. The product has an innovative Twin Driver...

MOE SS01 Dual Driver IEM Earphones

  • The MOE SS01's are suited for all genres of music. The product has an innovative Twin Driver Monitor system to produce true sterophonic effects.

Recent Reviews

  1. Izic
    MOE SS01
    Written by Izic
    Published Jan 11, 2015
    Pros - Outstanding bass, clear mids and highs
    Cons - For this price I can't complain
    I have used my MOE SS01s for about three weeks now and I LOVE them. They can be compared to much higher cost  IEMs . I have many to compare to .The shure 535s, Klipsch x10s. Are my better ones and a bunch of other that I don't use anymore. I have a whole box of IEMs that I have bought throughout the years,Just never happy with the sound .The MOEs are incredible earphones all around (for the price) I use Ipod classic when on the go,and at home I use Yulong u100 dac and I also use my Cambrige DAC Magic100 with smsl amp. I try to listen to flac lossless, ganres are classical, classic rock, jazz.Also I wanted to mention that  MOEs can get loud without distorting the sound. No IEM is perfect but MOE SS01s are very very good and can give other well known companies run for their money.. GOOD VALUE. I moved the value and audio bar up but this sight doesn't let me  
    1. egosumlux
      Nice impression this dual driver caught my attention a whaile ago I would like someone to compare it to the ttpod t1e and the Havi B3Pro
      egosumlux, Jan 12, 2015
    2. Eric95M
      MOE is the company that makes the JVC FTX90's.  I have had a pair of these for about a year.  They are rock solid and take amping very well.  TTPOD's fried on me after using them for 5 min.  I returned them thinking I had a bad pair replacements came, same thing happened.  I also have the Havi's.  I can't compare the 2 though as I am obviously doing something wrong with them.  I put Comply tips on them and they sound awful.  Using an X3 with E12 or Rockboxed iPod and C5.  Only listening to flacs, they sound awful.  I know it is me based on the reviews here.  I will say the MOE's are a lot better than the TTPOD's IMO.
      Eric95M, Jan 12, 2015
    3. raybone0566
      no offense, but I don't understand the 5 star rating with the audio quality and value rated so poorly.
      raybone0566, Jan 12, 2015
  2. vaziyetu
    Die by Ordinary Sword
    Written by vaziyetu
    Published Dec 3, 2014
    Pros - Sounds a little bigger than already trash earphones
    Cons - Limited acoustics with no frequency separations. Bass is too hard & trapped. Treble is just on a moderate level.

    i took a quick look to the forum thread of this earphone. usually everyone talks about it's frequency balance (peaks etc.). i bought this, used this and i couldn't find anything to talk about.
    nothing spectacular about it's acoustic, yes it sounds bigger than some already trash earphones but pretty bad frequency separations, everything placed too close to each other. the bass is not too weak but not the best bass for sure, it's too hard, not deep enough and of course it also gets affected by the small acoustic. same goes for the highs... highs are not detailless but not on a high quality too. power it and you'll lose yourself in the jungle of parasites.
    i tried hard to understand why it's priced around $60 and took so much attention in head-fi. i spent nights and days, traveled far away to unknown places in order to find out the cause. but i failed. so good bye to you dear MOE with nano stereo cyber in carbon driver & things...
    wanna try MOE SS01 for 3 times lesser price ? why don't you get yourself a TTPOD T1-E then ? it's not just the looks. they're the same. the only difference is, some TTPOD's doin' harakiri after a very short time (maybe because they're ashamed from bad acoustic performance, who knows ?).
    oh, wait a minute... i've a second thought, why don't you get neither of them and buy yourself a true earphone from my table, how 'bout that ?
    visit my table for further comparisons and informations 
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    2. damone
      "Hi i'm new here so i'll piss and flip the bird to everyone"
      damone, Jan 21, 2015
    3. AlrightMister
      I give this review half a star.
      AlrightMister, Feb 24, 2015
    4. vaziyetu
      maybe that's because you don't have enough stars in your hand. i didn't wanted to write a detailed review about this one because there's no need to. you should check my other reviews to find out why. it does not even deserve a review, completely unnecessary, ordinary, basic, worthless, time waster product.
      vaziyetu, Feb 24, 2015


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