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General Information


'Thummim' is most significantly exemplified by an inconceivable spherical soundscape offering texture and details with distinct wideness, abysmal depth and soaring height. It's a MMR prized design befitting of a modern world audiophile flagship status and a showcase of MMR's top notch technology. 'Thummim' artisanal usage of 4 electrostatics that's conjoined within a single trans allows the flawless oeuvre of musical masterpieces to come alive. MMR team behind 'Thummim' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM.Housed within a MMR specialty Titanium shell for UIEM, the monitor offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.

- 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration
- 4 Electrostatics , 2 Mid , 2 Highs , 1 Foster Dynamic Driver
- 4 - Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
- TriBore Waveguide
- Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz

Frequency Response : 10Hz - 80kHz
Impedance : 35ohm
Noise Isolation : -18db (UIEM)

Retail Price : $4299

Additional information coming from discussion with Joseph Mou :

- Internal parts are all mounted on 3D printed chassis with all sound wave guide printed in one piece -> improves accuracy and stability of sound and overall performance
- better Dynamic driver from Foster Electric in Japan
- latest Estat driver and new high efficiency transformer from Sonion (different from trinity one)
- high purity pure silver internal wiring and special solder from Eletech
- new 0.78mm 2 pins socket with internal spring structure that improves life time and "plug and pull" life cycle (should not loosen easely)

Latest reviews

Pros: Bass quantity and Texture
Cons: Might be picky in high mids and treble for some
Rather light tones
Fit might not work for all
Thummim : small little Titanium beast

The Thummim were graciously lent by Josph Mou / MMR. I would like to thank him for allowing me to discover his new products and for the trust he has placed in me.

I am in no way commercially linked to MMR and have received no compensation whatsoever for this return.


MMR, Metal Magic Research, is a Sino-Singaporean company founded in mid 2019 by Joseph Mou. He is also the father of Jomo Audio, an entity whose reputation is well known in the audiophile world, which generates great expectations on these new headphones. As a Jomo Trinity SS owner (after owning Samba and Flamenco), I'm very eager to discover MMR's proposals.

The four different MMR models that currently exist were presented to the public at the CanJam in Shanghai at the beginning of November 2019.

Hardware and Playlist:


I was able to test the MMR Thummin with the following hardware.
DAP : Sony WM1Z K mod Ultimate, Plenue L and iBasso DX160
Cables: O.A.O Gold Twelve, EA Ares 2, Eletech Prudence and Plato, and PW1950

I could compare the Thummin to the following :
64 Audio U12t, Ambient Acoustics MAD24 and MAD16, Empire Ears Zeus XIV Custom Retuned, IMR Rah, Jomo Audio Trinity SS, MMR Gaé Bold, Balmung and Homunculus


I listen to a lot of different styles, with a predilection for female vocals, and my test playlist consists of about 70 songs. However, I was able to take advantage of the length of the loan to review my music in depth.

I put here some targeted tracks that allow me to test more specifically some aspects of the headphones.

Angus and Julia Stone - Take you Away / Guitar, voices.

Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else / Tones, brass, space placement.

Criolo - Bogota / Voice, dynamic.

Ex:Re - Where the Time Went / Tones, voice, placement.

Flatbush Zombies - Smoke Break and Fly Away / Bass texture, subs.

Montserrat Figueras - La Folia : Yo Soy la Locura - Henri du Bailly / Tones, voice, soundstage.

Patricia Barber - The Beat Goes On / Tones, voice, soundstage, atmosphere.

Rone - Flesh (Remix by Sasha) / Bass, soundstage, placement.

Sixto Rodriguez - Sugar Man / Harshness.

Tool - Pneuma / Dynamics, atmosphere, texture.

Technical Overview

Thummim have what we could call now a pretty «commom» hybrid configuration. Overall 9 drivers are used on this flagship :
- 4 Electrostatics for the highs
- 2 Balanced Armature for the high-mids
- 2 Balanced Armatures for the mids
- 1 Foster Dynamic Driver for the bass

Frequency Response : 10Hz - 80kHz
Impedance : 35ohm
Noise Isolation : -18db (UIEM)

They come with Eletech “School of Athens" PLATO cable made out of pure silver and worth $999 by itself. They also use Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz wiring.

Retail Price : $4299


The Thummin are completely out of the norm. First of all, this titanium angularly shaped shell is completely unlikely for headphones, as if an AK240 had been copulating with a titanium ball. Second, they have uncommon technical capabilities. Finally, they are have a price tag that will make more than one cough, even if you have to take into account that they come with an high-end cable.

As with the Homunculus, I had a little trouble getting a proper Fit with my usual tips (Whirlwind, Spiral Dot, Sedna). Fortunately, the association with the Acoustune provided is very good. As a result, the seal is excellent and they don't move so much when in position, even when I shake my head. No pain felt at the contact of the edges even if it is not necessarily very pleasant from time to time to feel the angles. On the other hand, they come out a little more from my ear than Homunculus.

Once they are well in place in the concha, they offer a sublime image, an extraordinary capacity of analysis, and an incredible airiness.

Basses are very textured, very well defined and very tight. They bring body to the restitution, with that characteristic and natural DD "slowness" of the DD. The subs (<60Hz) are deep, agile and offer very solid foundations. The basses (60 to 250Hz) are all in control which allows a very pleasant low register dynamics. All in all it is the MMR with the most subs and the best bass control.

Mids are a great success in the sense that it is open and ultra-resolute, but without being too shallow. Very lively, it has an airy and not too dense feeling, at the limit of sibilance however to my ears on some tracks.

The low-midrange (250 to 500Hz) is lightly recessed in order to bring this extra readability. The high-midrange (2000 to 4000Hz) is well pronounced, with two nice peaks around 2000Hz and 4000Hz that bring a lot of airiness and crunch. The midrange (500 to 2000Hz) seems to go linearly up to 2000Hz, it offers a nice balance, without any real lack, and a very high resolution.

Treble (>4000Hz) are defenetly there, and we exceed a little my tolerance threshold. Brass can be piercing some times around 7-8KHz, unless I listen at a slightly more moderate volume than usual. The extension is good, speed and resolution are there.

Soundstage is very wide, even wider than that of the Homunculus, deep and of very beautiful height. It unfolds well out of the head, and the listener is not positioned in the first rows of the audience, but slightly further away.

Tones are nice but don't really sound natural. They lack a little body and presence, without sounding skinny though.

Thummim technical skills are excellent, and the magic square is top-notch.
Resolution -> superb
Separation -> excellent
Definition -> superb
Transparency -> excellent

Comparisons :

- U12t are technically equivalent, with slightly faster and more present / impacting bass, a lower-midrange that is much more contained and a more balanced and less prominent mids / high-mids. Treble is a step back and so tone less shinny. Soundstage is quite comparable.

- MAD24 are technically equivalent, a little bassier too, with a slightly more projected low-mids / mids, a slightly less open high-mids and softer highs. Soundstage is equivalent.

- Zeus XIV Custom Retuned (+5db bass to similar curve at 1000Hz) are a bit below on technical side, with less bass, a bit more low-mids, less high-mids and softer treble. Soundstage is similar except in depth where it is shorter.

- Trinity SS are technically equivalent, more bass but a little slower. Low-mids / mids is a bit backward and high-mids are as open. Highs are more natural and less sharp to my ears. The stage is equivalent.

Final Thoughts

Thummin are without any doubt a great choice for those who love to analyze and hear every detail of their music. Offering an imaging far above average, they are rather on the bright side of strength but with magnificent bass. Lovers of warm tones can pass their way.

Magic Square :

"Resolution is the ability to individualize a voice or instrument"
"Separation is the ability to feel space between the various sound sources"
"Definition is the ability to perceive as much information as possible"
"Transparency is the ability to transcribe the nuances and subtleties of music"

My topic on Tellement Nomade here :
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Yeah because of that. But if this treble thing is a problem you can work it out with EQ.
So interesting, thank you for that feedback. I've not tried the Trinity but I absolutely loved the Thummin. I also like the U-shape of the Z1R, but would like something with a bit more forward mids. So if the Trinity is just as good but has slightly more mellow treble, but just as good resolution and air, and is almost $1500-$2000 less than the Thummin, then I should be trying the Trinity.
Mids are not as full with Trinity, but bass is heavier. Matter of taste. I would say that Thummim signature is more mainstream.


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