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Pros: + Good fit
+ Good quality
+ Reasonable price
Cons: - None

After a previous review of the Miter case for FiiO X7 MKII (, I am back with yet another Miter case review.

This time I was looking for a case for my new Astell & Kern KANN player. Again, there are not many options on the market: I found one from Miter and one from Dignis.
I wanted to try both, so I ordered the Dignis directly and got a free sample from Miter for review purposes. Thanks to Joey from Miter to provide me with a blue case free of charge in exchange to my honest opinion.


I am in no way associated with MITER and confirm that the following review reflects my honest thoughts about the reviewed product.


As mentioned, I received the blue version of the case. It came in a simple yet stylish black box with the MITER logo on top. Again, they did not use any plastic wrap to seal the box, just a plain white fabric pouch for the case inside. Some manufacturers tend to wrap every single piece in plastic which is really not necessary in my opinion.


The case itself looks classy and feels soft to the touch. The build quality is very good. Even if the material used is PU leather rather than real leather, the case sure looks the part.

Also there is no chemical stench/smell which I appreciate. The color options are, as far as I understand, black and blue. I do wish the blue color were a litte brighter and more saturated to go better with the player. My pictures do not exactly represent the real color which is darker. - Please Miter, offer more color options to choose from!

On one hand, I do wish they would offer a real leather option as Dignis does with their case, which is made from high quality leather. It feels a tad more high-end in terms of quality and probably offers a bit more protection. On the other hand, I am happy that no animals had to die for making the case, so I'm fine with it being PU leather.


4/5 points


The case fits perfectly. Even more so than the one for the FIIO X7 MKII. No complaints at all. The cutouts are accurate and the case offers a certain level of protection, at least against bumps and scratches.



5/5 points


As mentioned above, protection against bumps and scratches is definitely provided here, though I would'nt dare making a drop test.

4/5 points


The case retains easy access to all your players functions while adding an angled stand to it. I believe the idea is that when you are streaming from your player you can place it on the table and operate it without holding it in your hand. Plus it makes for a nice display of your precious DAP.




The stand itself is a magnetically attached flap on the back of the case that can easily be unfolded. Another smaller magnetic flap inside holds everything
in place. The whole mechanism is very neat and works well.

5/5 points


The Miter case is lightweight and does not add to much heft to the already hefty KANN player. Personally, I could do without the magnetic stand, but it's really not an issue.

5/5 points


The Miter case for the A&K KANN is even better than the FIIO X7 MKII case I reviewed earlier. Again, I hope that MITER will add some more color options in the future and maybe offer an option without the stand.

The MITER cases are available for a broad range of DAPs and other devices on or Amazon.


Appearance/Quality 4/5
Fit 5/5
Protection 4/5
Functionality 5/5
Size/Weight 5/5

TOTAL 4.6/5 points


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