Mirage Omni-S8 8-Inch 400 Watt High-Performance Subwoofer

General Information

The Omni-S8 is a compact class-leading 8" powered subwoofer which packs power and finesses into a small enclosure, filling your room with incredibly deep and defined bass. The 400 watt amplifier (100W RMS) precisely powers a high-excursion 8" Titanium-Deposited woofer featuring our patented our Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology, providing deeper bass and lower distortion than ever heard before in this size subwoofer. The Omni-S8’s slender cabinet is constructed of rigid medium density fiberboard, to minimize resonance and distortion, and finished in a Black Ash vinyl. Pair the Omni-S8 with the immersive sound of any of our other speakers and experience home audio entertainment like never before, or add it to any system for major sound improvement and a foundation of deep-down bass. This Omni-S8 is small and well-priced, but don't be fooled by its value, the technology and performance.


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