The new Micromega MyDAC is the perfect link between your computer and your hi-fi system. It's an...

Micromega MyDAC Asynchronous USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (Black)

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  • The new Micromega MyDAC is the perfect link between your computer and your hi-fi system. It's an asynchronous 24/192 DAC that delivers a world-class performance/price ratio. It delivers a wide soundstage, well-controlled bass, and accurate high-frequencies. Your desktop or nearly any other digital system will sound demonstrably better with the MyDAC. With both USB and TosLink inputs, virtually any digital source can be improved by the addition of the MyDAC. A 4- position horizontal rotary switch with anodized aluminum wheel allows easy selection between STBY - USB - COAX - OPTO.
    The MyDAC's USB input works in asynchronous mode up to 24-bits/192kHz and accepts USB audio class 1.0 and USB audio class 2.0 modes without any driver implementation for Mac, and a with a custom Micromega driver for PC. USB asynchronous mode means practically no jitter thanks to two very low jitter master clocks (22.5792 MHz for multiple of 44.1kHz and 24.5760 MHz for multiple of 48kHz), with dedicated low noise power supplies, for the optimum performance from your digital files.
    This is the only DAC at this price with a low-noise, designed-for-audio power supply.In fact, there are two dedicated power supplies -- one for the digital section, and one for the audio section -- which deliver customized currents tailored to each section's needs. And the MyDAC uses no capacitors in either the audio signal path or the power supply path, so there is minimal electrical interference.

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  1. bajjisw
    "sounds nice"
    Pros - Instruments sound smoother, Works great with squeezebox touch over async usb
    Cons - Build quality , lights
    I am happy with this DAC. [​IMG] . Instruments sound good. There is a smoothness to the sound that makes me smile.
    This was a demo unit, hence the lower price. But the corners of the plastic box do not close completely. So light leaks out, which though non-functional looks funny in the dark of a recessed space. Tape you say? Perhaps. 
    Squeezebox touch USB -> Micromega mydac -> PA2V2 -> grado sr 60
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