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MEElectronics Sport Fi S6 In-Ear Sport Headphone System with Armband, Carry Case for iPhones/iPods/MP3 Players and Smartphones - Red/Black

  • The Sport-Fi S6 is a complete workout package, allowing you to forget about your earphones and concentrate on your workout and music. The memory wire conforms to the ear. resulting in the best combination of comfort and security, while the modular cable system enables you to use the S6 in one of several configurations without having to deal with excess cable lengths. Six different types of ear tips ensure the best comfort and sound while blocking out external noise, enabling you to listen at quieter volumes and protect your hearing. The included neoprene arm band allows you to keep your player conveniently on your arm and the case will hold the S6 and accessories safely and conveniently. Sport-Fi gives you the best possible workout experience! FEATURES: Memory wire that conforms to the ear for a locked-in fit. A modular cable system for ease of use. Enhanced sweat resistance for added workout durability. Tangle resistant, color matched, noise-free cable. Superior enhanced bass that is tight and powerful. Noise-isolating in-ear design reduces background noise. Sport-inspired two-tone color scheme. Flush-in-the-ear design reduces wind noise and fits under most helmets. Includes neoprene sports armband, zipper carrying case, and 6 pairs of ear tips

Recent Reviews

  1. LambOfJazz
    Almost perfect.
    Written by LambOfJazz
    Published Oct 26, 2013
    Pros - Solid build, Good Acessories set, All-Around sounds, Comfortable to wear.
    Cons - Harsh high, Memory wire may become a pain for some people.
    Bought: May 3013 (Now is Oct 26)
    Use: Daily use, approximately 2 hours a day.
    Price: $20, no idea why the price raise up so high.
    - 6 pair of ear tips (Single flange 3 sizes, 1 Double flanges and 2 Triple flanges)
    - Armband: Look goods
    - Case : Kinda big, looks good
    - 2 shirt clips : Attach with cables
    - Extension cable.
    Build Quality:
    - Solid cables with L-plug on extension and straight plug on original.
    - Made of plastic
    - Memory wire attached on cable part that wrap over the ears. These are hard to bend and may not properly fit on some small ears.
    - Original cable is long enough to reach the armband. The extensions is long ( About 18 inches).
    - There are isolation, but only if you choose the tips that fit your ears
    - Memory wires may cause fit issues (Can be solve by removing it)
    Sound quality:
    - Bass: Good balance, impact and body.
    - Mid: Good clarity, range, extension.
    - High: This is where the S6 flaws, the high is decent, but will create some hissing noise when it come over high frequency sound (such as "ch" or "s"), pretty annoying but you can live with it.
    In conclusion, S6 is a good sport earphone and the price is reasonable, however, the armband may not fit for some, high frequency sounds may create hiss. The case is large and will not fit pockets, memory wires may create fit issues. Overall, I would recommend this.
  2. chandrasekhar
    A complete sports headphone package, great value, best in its class!
    Written by chandrasekhar
    Published Nov 25, 2012
    Pros - 1) Strong, well controlled bass 2) Fun sound signature 3) Reasonable price and Incredible value 4) Impressive accessory set 5) Comfortable to wear
    Cons - Can be a pain to fit properly with the memory wire
    MEElectronics does one thing better than almost any other headphone manufacturer: they always pack a ton of value into an affordable price.  The MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 is no different.  There’s not a single thing missing from this sport kit.
    Specifications :
    Driver: 9 mm ultra high performance drivers with neodymium magnets
    Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
    Sensitivity: 98 dB (1mW @ 1KHz)
    Impedance: 16 ohms
    Maximum Power Input: 30 mW
    Memory Wire: Stainless steel
    Main cable length: 72 cm / 28.4 in
    Extension cable length: 58 cm / 22.8 in
    Total cable length: 130 cm / 51.2 in
    Dimensions : 1 in. H x 0.8 in. W x 0.6 in. L
    1 year manufacturer warranty
    Accessories : 
    1) 6 pairs of silicon ear tips (3 sizes Single Flanges, 1 Double Flange and 2 sizes of Triple Flanges)
    2) Hard clamshell carrying case
    3) Extension cable
    4) Neoprene Arm Band
    5) 2 Shirt Clips
    6) 3.5 MM Extension cable(58 cm)
    Build Quality :
    Packaging : The packaging looks sleek and great. Gives the impressions of the IEM technically and general info about it.  
    IEM:  The S6 earphones are very comfortably shaped, with large bodies that fit snugly into most ears and tips that go securely into the ear canal. To make them more secure, there are also flexible ear hooks built into the cables. The housings are made of plastic that feels rather durable. The housing is Sweat resistance for workout durability
    Cable:  They come with a modular cable, which essentially means a cable that can be separated into a small or large cable, perfect for either hooking into your armband or using your MP3 player around your waist. A shirt clip is on both cables if you need them, and the pressure they apply is good enough it won’t unclip easily. The over-ear cables has a 2 inches of memory wire. 
    Microphonics: None unless you really really try. Excellent cable.
    Comfort: Due to the housing and the memory cable, getting it to fit and seal properly is a pain. It needs some time to experiment with tips and insertion technique. Comply T400 is an expensive alternative, but comfort would be vastly improved.
    Isolation: Perfect fit makes it a major noise isolating IEM. Triple Flanges improves the isolation considerably
    Sound Quality: They share the same Sound quality with Meelectronics M6.
    Amped / unamped: Not much of a difference, these are drived easily by even low power sources
    Bass: Lows are S6's Strong points. Good deep low bass but not several tons of it. These feel so much lighter to listen to . It’s there deep and low but no great hump of it rising toward the midbass range. This mid-bass hump gives a good overall balance, has great impact and body
    Mids: Mids are much cleaner with a slight V shape. They are very evenly balanced in quantity to the highs and lows. Not too dry, not too wet. They sometimes get too sibilant at first. Burn-in compensates it somehow.
    Highs: Many complain that s6's Highs are unbearable and too harsh. This is completely due to the fit. They arent that bad even though its their weakness.  They are pretty much spot on in the quantity that should be here and they are detailed nicely
    Soundstage: As usual for a dynamic it’s pretty good. I’d place these as better than average with decent airyness.
    Final Conclusion :  Overall, the MEElectronics Sport Fi S6 are quite good if you are looking for a pair of headphones that stay in your ears while you are running. Not only do they have great sound performance and a very impressive design, but they are also extremely durable and can withstand very intense and sweaty workouts due to their sweat-proof design.
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  3. hitme987
    Best Budget Sport IEM !
    Written by hitme987
    Published Oct 15, 2012
    Pros - Solid Build Quality,Accessories, Customer Service, good all-round sound
    Cons - Fit can be frustating for some, over-the-ear style might not suit for everyone
    S6 was my second Meelec IEM after M6, which I was thoroughly impressed with, though it shares the same sound with m6(same signature), its a bit more less mid-recessed than m6 in terms of SQ comparision. Cable is a LOT durable, stylish and sleeky than m6s. More accessories included.
    I had monster isport before, I must say this is far better in terms of everything,they literally broke after a few months of usage, isolation wasnt that great, SQ isnt the best too. This IEM might just serve as a good cheap alternative for sporting activities like gym,running etc.

    Heres a detailed review on S6 :

    Accessories : Well, Meelectronics really cant go wrong in this part, they provide a solid package of Accessories for all of their products. S6 comes with
    1) 2 Shirt clip(attached to IEM)
    2) 6 pairs of silicon ear tips (3 sizes Single Flanges, 1 Double Flange and 2 sizes of Triple Flanges)- Tips are pretty much the best silicon tips Ive used with, they are reasonably durable with good comfort
    3) Hard clamshell carrying case- Pretty hard case on the outside with good soft material on inside making earphones secure to carry on the go
    4) Extension cable
    5) Neoprene Arm Band - Looks fancy and is made of good quality indeed.

    Build Quality : Cable is pretty solid and has low-profile L-plug, Housings are made of plastic. The over-ear cables has a 2 inches of memory wire. Cable is a lot more durable than of m6, but is small(18inches approx), an extension cable is provided though. Microphonics are pretty much non existent.
    Isolation : This suprisingly isolates a lot, particularly with Triple Flanges,Double Flanges.
    Comfort: This is where this IEM lags a bit, since its over-ear, the memory wire can cause fit issues for some. Experiment with different sized tips might solve it.With a little knife work, memory wire can be removed making it wearing straight down which might solve it for some(with the expense of bit isolation), Comply T400 is another alternative which isolates well with good comfort (comfort is on par with m6)

    Sound Quality:

    Signature: V-Type Signature
    Mids: Mids are better than m6 has good clarity, range, extension, but still somewhat recessed
    Highs: It has good crystal-clear detailing at top of the range, it is little bit bright and is relatively smoother
    Bass: This is where S6 Shines, Bass Control is good for the price, mid-bass hump gives a good overall balance, has good impact and body
    SoundStage: Pretty good with decent airiness

    Final Verdict : S6 might be the best budget IEM for sport in 30-70$ range, they just sum up good as a package. Add the amazing Meelectronics Customer Support, you should not worry for techinal/breaking issues. They just have the best  technical support to assist you with any problem and might just give the edge over the other IEMs at its price range!


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