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Style meets substance with the RX12 Rhythm Series in-ear earphone. Combining a tangle-free flat...

MEElectronics RX12 In-Ear Headphones - Red

  • Style meets substance with the RX12 Rhythm Series in-ear earphone. Combining a tangle-free flat cable, sleek form factor, and two-tone color scheme with great sound from the proprietary dynamic driver, the RX12 offers enhanced bass and a clean sound at an affordable price.

    The Rhythm Series in-ear headphones produce rhythmic, spacious sound with added warmth and plenty of bass invigorating your music. The RX12 replaces the RX11 in the MEElectronics lineup.

Recent Reviews

  1. GigaFi
    Massive amounts of bass but not much else
    Written by GigaFi
    Published May 4, 2012
    Pros - Bass, great cable
    Cons - Bass
    Packaging – Being one of MEElec’s lower end models, it only comes with SML tips in a cheap “off the rack” plastic packaging.
    Build – The black and red (or blue) plus chrome will last but it definitely looks its price. The housings do not have proper strain reliefs but they aren’t needed as the flat tangle and noise free cable is fantastic.
    Comfort – Very comfortable and isolates quite well considering how shallow it sits.
    Soundstage – The RX12 sounded really confined to me. The recessed midrange coupled with the massive amounts of bass did not help either.
    Lows – The lows dominate the sound. Bass hits 20hz no problem but it’s mostly one note and boomy. The sub bass on these are WAY boosted, to the point where non-bassy tracks suddenly become annoying to listen to.
    Mids – With the prominent bass one would expect the mids to take a backseat and they’d be right. The midrange, especially vocals, sound quite distant although clear.
    Highs – Laid back but not to the extent of the mids. It’s still relatively recessed so unfortunately vocals still sound quite dull without a boost here. Not bad nonetheless.
    The RX12 is a case of quantity over quality. If you like gobs of earth shattering bass then these could do the trick, but since they are still new and going for retail, I would much rather get the M6 or M9. They do look great though!


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