MEElectronics M6-TL-MEE Sport Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Teal)

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Great sound meets a secure fit with supreme comfort all at an unbelievably low price! The MEElectronics M6 gives you what you want in an earphone for any situation from casual listening to exercising to jamming on stage with great accessories. Plus, your purchase will be backed by a company that stands behind their product and provides exceptional customer service. Enjoy music, movies, videos, voice and more like never before with a product at this price! The M6 is compatible with devices that have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack such as most iPods, iPhones, iPads, MP3 players, blackberry phones, many smart phones, portable DVD players, computers, and more. Stylish in-ear design with an over-the-ear fit provides passive noise reduction allowing you to play your music at lower volumes even in noisy environments.

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Pros: Great Isolation, Comfortable, Light and stays on the ear.
Cons: Sound clarity, bassy.
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[size=36.0pt]Meelectronics M6 Sports[/size]

 Meelectronics started out in 2005, making MP3 players with a desire to bring customers exceptional sound quality at affordable prices. However, the sound quality of any player is dependent on the earphones used, so they developed their own. In 2010, they shifted their focus to earphones that provide durability, style, and exceptional sound quality. Their current line-up of headphones and earphones has won acclaim from audio enthusiasts and reviewers worldwide, but that hasn't stopped them from continually refining the line-up and developing new products; as as their website states "we won't bring anything to market if it doesn't meet our high standards!"

I received the sample headphones and was impressed worth the overall quality of the packaging considering that these in ears cost any between $20 to $40, depending on where you purchase them, and if you wish for an in-line mic to place calls from your phone. They come in a range of colours; I got a pair of Teal M6 Sports Headphones, without the mic. 
[size=20.0pt]Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality[/size]
Standard retail packaging is expected for the price range, the phones are viewable from the clear plastic front, and they look quite nice. The included accessories are a colour-matched carrying case, which is quite small and the in ears just fit inside, there is also no inner place holder to wrap your cable around, so it takes a little longer to pack these up, but I expect most will just place the cable in their bag or a pocket loose, or even just wrap it around their phones.
Included as well are 6 pairs of ear tips, Silicone (S/M/L), Bi-flange and Triple-flange (S/L), a shirt clip and a cable cinch, which is already attached to the cable. Most manufactures include some sort of foam tips these days, but none to be seen. There is also no cleaning tool.

For the price of these in ears, the build quality is rather high; the cable is coated in the generic plastic, like OEM Apple headphones. They call these “sports” earphones due to the M6 fitting securely and provides long term comfort, eliminating the need to adjust your earphones. This is achieved by using an over-the-ear design with memory wire. The memory wire is flexible, conforming to the shape of your ear, yet remembers its shape for future use. This is also helpful for musicians who move around a lot, especially drummers.
[size=20.0pt]Sound Quality[/size]
I tested the M6 in two environments. First was in the comfort of my home. Playing from my iPhone, using my favourite Test album B&W Very Audiophile New Recording Collection ripped to ALAC. If you can get a copy of this album, it’s got some great tracks to listen to, and amazing to use as a reference album. Listening through the M6, you immediately notice that these have a lot of bass, which I think most of the cheaper in ears are starting to do, this really caters towards regular listeners who want that thump over a more natural sound; which most Audiophiles want in a headphone. This is by no means a bad thing, it's just I wouldn't recommend these if you want it for critical listening.

The second environment I used these is playing Roland V Drums (TD 30 K) at my local church as well as practicing on my acoustic kit at home (DW). As a drummer, having IEM's that fit and stay sealed is a huge positive, equally is the sound isolation. I found the M6 to be reasonable at both. Because of the memory wire, you are defiantly able to lock them in position, and using the triple flange ear tip, they seal great. From the Roland, the sound is prominent and big, nice bass from the kick, not boxy at all. Sound isolation when playing an acoustic kit is really good for the price of these in ears. If a CIEM (Custom In Ear Monitor) is a 10/10 for isolation, and Apple's stock ear phones are a 1/10 for isolation, then these would sit around a 7/10. If you are playing with some music, iPhone volume around half way, then you can just hear the drums in the background. I would definitely recommend these for musicians, especially drummers with a low budget. 

Bass: Lows are M6's Strong points. Good deep low bass but not several tons of it. These feel so much lighter to listen to; it’s there deep and low but no great hump of it rising toward the midbass range. This mid-bass hump gives a good overall balance, has great impact and body
Mids: Mids are much cleaner with a slight V shape. They are very evenly balanced in quantity to the highs and lows. Not too dry, not too wet.
Highs: Many complain that M6's Highs are unbearable and too harsh. I didn't find this at all, rather that the highs were lacking compared to the bass. They sometimes get too sibilant at first. Burn-in compensates it somehow. (50 hours minimum) The soundstage as usual for a dynamic it's pretty good. I'd place these as better than average with decent airiness.
The Meelectronics M6 Sports Headphones are one of the best budget in-ears I have heard. Their sound is for bass lovers and the isolation is great for the price. Having a range of colours and options for a mic, these are a great buy for anyone who what's an in ear at a budget price. Meelectronics are available in most retail stores and online.
Driver: 9 mm ultra- high performance drivers with neodymium magnets 
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms at 1K
Sensitivity: 98 dB (1mW at 1KHZ)
Maximum power: 30 mW
Memory wire: stainless steel
Connector: 3.5mm gold plated, right angle connector
Cable: matched 130 cm (51 in) cord with attached shirt clip.


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