MEElectronics M2P-BK In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone(Black)

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  1. inline79
    "Maybe the included ear buds aren't so bad"
    Pros - no microphonics, well built, nice clip, slider, accessories
    Cons - Sound like crap
    Detailed highs are slightly noisy, no soundstage at all,  thumpy, boomy bass can be annoying and mids are weaker.  Definite V profile w/ sibilance.  Excellent for Sci Fi movies!
    Minimal microphonics - none when worn over.  Great accessories - bi-flange works great and metal body is a nice quality touch.  Can be a little hard to remove.  Covering the rear ports fixes the boomy bass which making the mids/highs muddier.  Basically a sonic disaster.
  2. kingpage
    "A pair of basic IEMs"
    Pros - Acceptable SQ
    Cons - Nothing special
    They came in a tube-like container. There are only three pairs of silicone tips, although they are quite comfortable. The material used is softer than that of PL-30’s. The housings are open at the back so if you use them on the go, there would be wind noise coming through.  As I have grown accustomed to over-the-ear designs, an ear glider would have been nice, but at such low price the accessories are reasonable.  The only difference between MEElectronics M2P’s and M2’s is the P version has a built-in microphone, useful for when you use them with a mobile phone. Almost forgot to mention about the cord, it's sturdy, it's braided, and more importantly, it's not rubbery, that simply doesn't intertwine or is hard to untangle.
    M2P’s sound settled during the first 10 hours of burn-in, as a result the bloated low end and instrumental congestion have pretty much disappeared. However, the bass can be uncontrolled at times. The highs are not as smooth as I wanted, yet the overall sound is better than most of the stock phones. Soundstage is more like headstage where music is played inside your head. That would be a plus when you desire intimacy. Essentially, all the basic elements are present.
    These might be the best lowest budget earphones that can be called "real" earphones, giving out acceptable amount of detail for those who are still using cheapos. I suggest people get M2P’s or M2’s as back up pairs since they only cost minimal with a discount or coupon. If you are just starting off with in-ear phones and don’t want to break the bank, you ought to take these into consideration. They are also an excellent replacement for the iphone ones. The cord alone is worth the price!