MEElectronics HP-NS63-BK-NoiseSHIELD Active Noise Canceling Headphones with Headset Functionality, Black

General Information

Clear, natural sound with rich bass. Designed with a focus on audio quality, the NoiseSHIELD offers spectacular fidelity with music, movies, games, and other audio applications, as well as with phone calls. The 40 mm drivers and closed-back earcup design of the NoiseSHIELD provide impactful bass, great clarity, and extended treble for a clean, natural sound. The NoiseSHIELD Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system isolates external noise by up to 80 percent on demand, reducing distractions at home or on the go. Annoyances such as airplane engines, bus motors, and fan noise are significantly reduced when ANC is turned on, providing a relaxed listening environment and refreshing travel experience. ANC functions for up to 32 hours on two AAA batteries (not included). The music and headset functions of the NoiseSHIELD can be used with ANC turned on or off, and even with no batteries installed. The noise canceling feature can also be enabled independently to block out ambient noise, even with no cable plugged in, allowing you to relax with music or without it. A convenient mute button allows you to participate in a conversation or hear an announcement without taking the NoiseSHIELD off. The NoiseSHIELD includes interchangeable cables: one for headset functionality with compatible smartphones and tablets, and another for audio-only use, providing maximum compatibility with all 3.5mm audio jacks including in-flight entertainment systems. Take calls and control media with compatible phones and tablets using the remote button and adjust the volume of any device conveniently with the universal volume control when using the headset cable. Comfort at home and convenience on the go- With a lightweight design, adjustable headband, articulating ear cups, and soft earpads, the NoiseSHIELD is ideal for use while traveling, in the office, or at home. The compact, folding design and protective case provide a small footprint in luggage or anywhere else you want to store your NoiseSHIELD.

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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Comfort, isolation, great noise cancellation, non-fatiguing treble, accessories, sound is basically identical in both passive and active modes
Cons: Hard-hitting snares can get boomy, some might consider these to look 'flashy'
Here we have the MEElectronics NS63, a headphone in MEElec's new lineup of products.

At first glance of these headphones, they look pretty similar to some other 'fashion' headphones on the market, but rest assured, these sound much better.

The NS63 is a good sounding headphone that has good passive isolation, but was designed to provide noise cancellation when needed most.

MEElectronics, as always, supplied a good amount of accessories with this product, which includes a clamshell case and two different cables- one standard cable with straight termination, and one flat cable with an inline mic and volume control that terminates at 90 degrees.

Build - As far as build goes, I'm a little skeptical due to the design. This design, while popular, normally has problems with headband and hinge durability. I haven't had any problems, though. The NS63 folds up quite nicely. The headphones themselves are made almost entirely out of glossy plastic. Extenders are made of aluminum. There's a standard 3.5mm jack on the left cup. There's also a mute button, which I feel is pretty interesting. ANC on/off switch is also on the left cup. Batteries go in the right cup.
These headphones have good pads on the cups and on the headband. They feel solid in terms of durability. They're also lightweight. These factors lead to a pretty comfortable headphone.

Comfort - Very comfortable indeed. There's not much clamping force, but enough that the headphones don't fall off of my head. The headband has a generous amount of padding and is very comfortable. The only problem I have is that the pads seem to get hot rather quickly. But that could just be me.




Sound - The NH63 has a signature that I would describe as warm but neutral. However there is a slight dip in the treble that really makes it easy to listen to and non-fatiguing. I really enjoy listening to jazz, classical, rock, and basically anything laid back with these. With harder electronic and dance music, which I tend to listen to a lot, I feel that the snares get somewhat boomy.  

Bass - The bass region is honestly very flat. There's still some kick, but not as much compared to bassier headphones. It's not a simple 'one-note' bass either. I love how these can make the bass instruments in some of my favorite jazz and rock tunes sound. The bass is all around good in quality. 

Mids - I was somewhat disappointed with the performance of the midrange of these headphones at first. They seem to have burned in nicely though. However, there's a hump in the lower midrange region around 180-300 Hz that gives snares the warm and sometimes boomy property that I mentioned. Otherwise, the midrange is pretty flat.

Treble - Some might call this headphone 'veiled'. There's a slight dip around the 2-3KHz region that gives this headphone its laid back, non-fatiguing property. It took some time to adjust to, but I find myself really enjoying the treble. The treble is neutral otherwise. Not sparkly, but not dark.

Soundstage - I was actually pretty impressed by the amount of space that I feel these headphones have. I've heard a good amount of headphones around this price, and these are one of the best in terms of soundstage. I feel there's more depth than width overall, but these have a very nice amount of breathing space for instruments.

Noise Cancellation - MEElectronics designed the NC of these headphones to be different than most ANC headphones. The NC in these headphones focuses on cancelling out constant low-frequency noise, such as fans, air conditioners, passerby vehicles, airplane cabins, etc. The circuitry takes two AAA batteries and has a battery life of around 36 hours, according to MEElec. MEELectronics also mentioned to me that a main goal of theirs was to keep the sound very similar regardless of them being in active or passive mode, as they felt that ANC that changes the sound signature is not constructive to any audiophile experience. I felt that that was an excellent idea and very respectable. As for how well the cancellation works, I think it does a very good job.

Overall - MEElec has a reputation of having great bang-for-buck headphones. The NS63 is no different. These headphones are very portable and versatile, and I would recommend them to people looking for some good portable headphones with noise cancelling functionality. However, I wouldn't really recommend to bassheads, as these headphones are pretty neutral.


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