MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Hidden Mic for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phones - White/Grey - Reviews
Pros: Quick and easy bluetooth connection, Like the audible notification of power on and connection, Lightweight, Comfortable, Wireless,
Cons: Not audiophile sound but for $30, what do you expect, proprietary charger.
Recently got ordered these Mee AudioRunaway on-ear headphones as I had some wellness program points that were going to expire.   I have had the MEE audio M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones for a while and was happy with them so I decided to give these a try.  In the past, I have shied away from Bluetooth as I have not been able to get consistent connection with my phones. Based upon some positive reviews, I gave these a try.  I must say that I am impressed.  For the price ($29.99 at Best Buy), I couldn't be happier.  Sound is acceptable if not pretty good.  The Runaways are very easy to use with my iPhone.  
I currently use these as my commuting go-to as I am on the train and walking in Chicago every day.  For this purpose, they are excellent.  Enough sound isolation that I am clearly able to hear my music and or podcasts while walking in the Chicago Loop.  On the train, they are great for watching movies on Netflix.  The lightweight build is really good while walking.  I do not think they would be the best choice for running as they may fall off.  Comfort level is excellent due to the light weight and the well cushioned pads.
Operation of the controls is easy.  Push the power button and immediately get the power on announcement and then immediately announces that they are connected.  Push the power button again and they announce power off.  Volume can also be controlled via the headphone volume buttons or the phone.  Volume by the way is more than sufficient as I already noted that I can hear perfectly over the traffic and noise of the city,(L train crossing overhead excluded!).
Power is ample as it seems to last for a couple of days of heavy use.  You also get a battery level announcement when you turn them on.  The one "con" of these headphones is the use of a proprietary USB to 3.5mm charging cable.  Not a major problem however, a standard micro USB would have been easier to replace if lost.
Sound quality is acceptable for my current uses. I can tell a difference when compared to my Audit Technica or Creative headphone.  Those also cost much more and are not as portable.
Build quality is not bad.  They are made of plastic however seem to be pretty sturdy.  Not too flash, but, they do come in several colors.  They come with the proprietary charging cord, a separate headphone cable for wired use, and a nice carrying bag.  
If you are looking for a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones at a good price, these will probably foot the bill.  At this price, I do not have to worry about them getting left on the train or stolen.  You can't say that with your new $300 Beats.