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High-fidelity silver-plated OFC replacement cable for headphones and in-ear monitors features universal MMCX connectors, a 4-core balanced design, and an adapter set compatible with most balanced sources

Mee Audio Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable With Adapter Set

  • High-fidelity silver-plated OFC replacement cable for headphones and in-ear monitors features universal MMCX connectors, a 4-core balanced design, and an adapter set compatible with most balanced sources

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  1. faceestrella
    Flexibility King
    Written by faceestrella
    Published Aug 24, 2018
    Pros - Adapters are fantastic, build quality is very solid, attractive but subdued looks
    Cons - cable is a bit heavy and stiff

    Introduction: I reached out to Mee Audio, already known for the popular m6, the Pinnacle (and it’s Massdrop Collaboration) as well as a plethora of other products ranging from IEMs to accessories. They blur the line of fashionable audio with that of high quality audio. When Mee offered me an opportunity to try out their MMCX cable that comes bundled with 3 adapters I didn’t hesitate for a moment.

    Disclosure: The Mee Audio MMCX Cable with Adapter Set was provided to me by Mee Audio in exchange for a comprehensive, and honest review.


    Packaging: The Mee cable set comes in a simple cardboard packaging, with the cable and adapters inside slotted inside a clear plastic mold the keep them secure. The box contains the product information with a cutout in the front with a plastic screen to display the contents in their full glory.


    Build: The Mee cable has solid build quality. Everything from the MMCX connectors to the main 2.5 plug as well as the adapters show no signs of flimsy build. Hard plastic is utilized for the MMCX housing, the neck cinch, the quite hefty Y split, and the central core of the plug. The main housing on the plug is metal and painted with a fantastic gunmetal finish with the white Mee logo on top. At the base of the MMCX housing there is a small amount of clear heat shrink that is utilized as strain relief, while the base of the 2.5mm plug has a more substantial black rubber strain relief. The MMCX housings have L and R markings as well as dots to help you find left and right as well as the logos found on the same part of the Pinnacle series of IEMs. The chin cinch is a rather beefy one keeping the cables in place, but it has a spacing so that the two cables are set a few centimeters apart. Following that is the rather large Y split that sports the Mee logo as well as what looks like cutouts that aid flexibility, though I wonder how much flexibility they are offering.


    The cable itself is a 4-core silver plated oxygen free copper affair, done in a neat double twist “braid” it comes in a rather heavy sheathing that is an opaque dark grey, possibly to not show the effects of possible oxidation over time. Upon first opening the packaging the cable did exhibit some memory, however over time the cable did relax. While I would consider this to be a soft cable, it is functional and pliable and in no way stiff. It doesn’t feel heavy either however it is weightier than most due to the beefier y split and neck cinch, this may be perceptible to some but nowhere cumbersome. The overall quality of the MMCX connection is good as well providing a nice satisfying connection and with no wiggle or at any point did it cut out when I was using it.


    The last part of the build is the 3 adapters. They come in 4.4mm balanced, primarily for Sony devices, a 3.5mm balanced for items such as the iFi xDSD, and 3.5mm single ended for the rest of the devices out there. They all come with the same appointments as the main cable, a gunmetal finished shell albeit in a slightly different shade, a hard-plastic interior core and a gold-plated connector. They all worked flawlessly with all the devices I have used it on ranging from a Sony WM1A to the Hiby R6, all the way to the OnePlus 5T.




    Sound: For evaluating the Mee cables, I paired it with the Campfire Audio Polaris, sporting a somewhat similar 4 core pure copper litz cable. I attempted to be as methodical as I could having a friend swap the cables at random intervals without my knowledge.

    The Mee Audio cable in comparison to the stock cable, doesn’t do anything drastic to the overall sound signature or sound quality of the Polaris, sounding mostly neutral however the treble and upper mids do take another slight step forward, without noticeably impacting the rest of the frequency. Meaning for those who don’t want a substantial change from their stock OFC copper or SPC cables, or those just wanting to edge out a little alteration, this cable fits the bill perfectly.


    Conclusion: The great thing about this set of cable with adapters with Mee audio is the flexibility. It offers unparalleled freedom that is perfect for those with multiple sources or those who love to test out sources. Everything from Sony to AKs to iFi this cable set will have you covered, and personally in audio meets it’s been one of my favorite companions. It just simplifies so much of the struggle with when you normally would have to have different cables for it, this offers an all in one solution and a great value. Because not only do you get the aforementioned flexibility the set gives, but you still get a high quality, well built MMCX cable that is a worthy addition to any audiophiles collection.

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