MDR-XD 150 W weiß - Reviews
Pros: Sound, Bass, Mid Focused Tempo
Cons: Read Review
Easily said, the Black Version.
#BIGBASS Before we get started.
Descriptive Review!:
Laid back, more like a "Cheap School" Headphone you'd see people use if you were to buy the white pair.
These carry so little that you forget about them easily, easy fit for most heads.
Sound quality has a lot of play in it, it's got a Giant Emphasis on Mid Bass that can become too big at times.
Temperature Signature is mainly a Relaxed Sounding descriptive.
No real Warmth, and yet no room for Highs, & Brightness with how thunderous they sound.
I'd compare these somewhat to the 7506 with their Bass Depth, since it carries so much.
Honestly, there's not a lot to say, and the reason I didn't enjoy these was easy! I'm not a Bass fan.
Given! These will WOW Beats Users.
Pros: Ridiculously good soundstage for the price
Cons: Cheap build quality (except for the cable)
I was in the drug store to grab a bottle of Gatorade and saw some white MRD-XD150 cans on sale for $18 (CAN)... Why the hell not?  These are big, closed, around-the ear cans with a 40mm driver.
The first thing I noticed when I put them on was how light they were - 160 grams according to the specs. I expected them to weigh twice as much for this size. I found them very comfortable: even with my big head there isn't much of a squeeze.
Build Quality
Understandably, the build quality feels cheap (very light plastic) yet durable enough. When I pick them up they rattle like hell - yet somehow this disappears once they're on my head (your mileage may vary if your head is smaller). By contrast, the thick, smooth and rugged-looging cable and its 90° jack seem able to last forever.  It's nice to see a company that understands which part of a headphone is the most vulnerable... are you taking notes, Sennheiser?
I wish they'd had the black version in that store because I don't usually go for the "big white headphones" look (this would better suit my teenage son). But I like to think it's a nice way to say, "You paid how much for those Beats?"
None whatsoever. What, you expect closed cans to keep outside noise away? Get outta here.
Sound Quality
Of course, we're far from hi-fi here; still, we have a very competent rendering (if a tad on the bright side) of the Sony house sound. What you lose here (and by "lose" I mean "spend your money on other things instead") is mostly punch and detail retrieval in the bass and lower mids.  It's hard to expect more for this price.  And yet...
Here's a kicker for you: these dirt-cheap cans have angled drivers. And here I thought I had to spend 30 times as much to get this feature. On the box it says this helps achieve a better fit for the ears - nothing about improving the soundstage.  But what a soundstage!  At first it seemed a bit one-dimensional (i.e. left-right only) to me, but after a week of use the depth perception has opened up, resulting in something pretty amazing.  If you're on a buget and listen to movies, you should definitely give the XD-150's a try.
If you don't mind the complete lack of isolation and cheap feel, the MDR-XD150 is a steal if you can get it as cheap as I did.  Very light and comfortable enough to wear for hours, great sound quality for the price, and a soundstage to rival with much more expensive cans.
because angled drivers is always automatically a good thing, definitely
they have soundstage because the trandsucer isn't deficiently designed, not because they're angled