MB Quart QP 805 HS

General Information

This acoustically closed headphone will withstand even the harshest treatment! The unbreakable steel headband features generous padding and an ergonomic design. One-sided cable entry, concealed wiring inside the headset and the unbreakable housing are your guarantee for long-lasting performance.

Latest reviews

Pros: Spectacular clarity and PRAT.
Cons: Sound leakage. Lack of bass, loss of detail when used without an amp (300Ω version)
These are amazing. If you can get them for a low price, do so.
They are a bit uncomfortable, so you might not want to use them for long periods of time. Their clarity is fantastic though, the bass while not being big in quantity is extremely accurate and with a decent amp (I'm using the 300 Ohm version of the headphones) it is just fantastic in quality.
Despite being a closed headphone they sure leak a lot of sound. So you probably wouldn't want to take this to a place with a lot of people.
Luckily they are extremely durable so even if a person siting next to you on the bus gets annoyed by ur music and tries to destroy the headphones it will be very difficult for him to do so.
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Pros: solid bass, very neutral sound overall, INDESTRUCTIBLE
Cons: a bit harsh sometimes, uncomfortable if you have big ears over long periods.
these phones are really the toughest ever made as far as i know. i would bet there waterproof if you sealed the earpad. clearly says "made in germany" on both sides of the headband and shells.10/10 build quality. 
the sound is more neutral than anything. they are very good for rock, with thick meaty mids and bass. the treble is screechy at times for me but its not a major flaw. upfront sound stage but slightly better than some closed cans. bass is low extending and can easily hit freq. under 40hz. techno and electronica is where these shine along with rock. put on a bass tester and these will rattle your head with a good amp and equalizer. not as clear as some closed cans but they do present all the detail that is supposed to be there. overall for the price these are WELL worth the money. imo there is no other closed can better for the price. 
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