Maxell LB-1B Lightbeat Headphones with Flashing Lights

General Information

"Lights, Music, Action!" That paraphrase of the old movie command aptly describes the experience of listening to music through Maxell Corporation's new Light Beat headphones.These new neckband-style headphones feature three colored LEDs on the outside of each ear cup that flash on-and-off in rhythm to the music, adding a colorful and whimsical dimension to the experience of personal music enjoyment. Maxell's new Light Beats, with a convenient single-entry cord, are available in four popular colors: metallic silver, blue, teal and burnt orange. The lights are powered by two button cell batteries that provide up to 300 hours of power.For all their style, Maxell Lightbeats are serious digital headphones that feature advance 30mm drivers with neodydium magnets for optimal audio performance.


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