Maxell HP-550F Digital Foldable Full Ear Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Bright, Cheap, Portable
Cons: No Bass, Horrible Soundstage, Build Quality, Uncomfortable, Small, Loose
You get what you paid for.
They're very bright and sound good when listening to piano.
They're very light weight and portable, good headphones for jogging. Collapsible.  
They're not very loud, but are open. Not suitable for use inside public buildings.
They're very cheap, but I think they're not worth the money.
They have absolutely no bass.
They have no soundstage and horrible immersion.
They're poorly built and made of cheap plastic.
They're extremely uncomfortable due to how small and loose they are.
They're a waist of money.
Driver - 40 mm
Impedance - 32 ohms
Sensitivity - 102 dB
Frequency Range - 10-28,000 Hz
Rated Input - 40 mW
Maximum Input - 100 mW