The Matrix Mini-i is equipped with two Analog Devices AD1955 D/A chips that support up to 24 bit...

Matrix Mini i DAC

  • The Matrix Mini-i is equipped with two Analog Devices AD1955 D/A chips that support up to 24 bit and 192kHz through its S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs, though USB input is limited to 24 bit and 48kHz. There is also a coaxial output that will pass-through the digital signal, including AC-3 and DTS outs. Two OPA2134 is placed at the output of the AD1955, and a TPA6120 is used for the internal headphone amplifier.

Recent Reviews

  1. Joong
    Designed intuitive, balanced, and reasonable
    Written by Joong
    Published Dec 15, 2012
    Pros - user freindly design, robust and versatile
    Cons - USB sampling rate?
    It is really convienient and user freindly designed.
    Pairing with Little dot MKVII+, the sound is amazing for classical music listening.
    It drives reasonably DT990-600 ohm.
    I have several audio sources, all of which are able to be connected to this many interfaces without swapping the connect each time.
    The LED indicate is pleasing and shows how it is connected and operated.
    Strong and heat dissipating aluminium case is very good for a long listening.
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  2. livewire
    Great DAC for the money
    Written by livewire
    Published Dec 22, 2010
    Pros - All the inputs, XLR output
    Cons - Limited headphone output
    I bought this used with a reported 500 hours on it, so I assume it is broken in.
    I really like the Mini-i, the soundstage is HUGE! (width & depth)
    It also has a lot of texture and airiness to the mids, instrument sounds seem expanded.
    Along with the soundstage, the instrumental separation is very good too,
    (most of the time) Things only seem to get "muddy" with a huge wall of sound.
    That is, many instruments playing at the same time in a crescendo.
    But that is also typical of many dacs, amps and phones.
    My only real complaint is that some of the highs that are not center stage
    are rolled off, or seem to be muted somewhat and put in the background.
    I am comparing this to my other DAC which has great treble characteristics.
    (almost sibilant) 
    So now I see what everyone is referring to regarding the mini-i's sound sig
    being almost tube-like.
    I have not tried the balanced outputs yet, so my perceptions may change.
    (I am hoping for the better)
    Right now I'm using USB, and mostly lo-res recordings, so that limits things as well.
    I know that I will be having a great time exploring the limits of this machine.
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  3. karlhahnert
    Versatile, neutral Dac
    Written by karlhahnert
    Published Sep 20, 2010
    Pros - sound, price, size
    Had it in my rig for a few months, might have been unsuccessful in breaking it in properly but after much consideration my Kingrex UD-01 SE with the PSU unit stayed and the Matrix went away. I experimented with using the optical toslink instead of USB but the Kingrex still stood strong, which I didn't expect. Still, a good buy at the 240 something (not quite sure exactly what I paid anymore..).
  4. Dynobot
    Matrix Mini-i DAC
    Written by Dynobot
    Published Aug 6, 2010
    Pros - Natural sounding, smooth character with nice detailed highs, balanced out and BNC digital in
    Cons - Takes awhile to break in fully
    I've had this DAC for a few months now and I think its pretty much broken in.  At first the sound is very open with a huge sound stage and a tad bit edgy but over time the edginess goes away completely, the soundstage settles in nicely and it becomes very smooth sounding.  This is a very analog sounding DAC with great looks, great variety of inputs and outputs top notch build quality.  Its a keeper.
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  5. rutze
    too early to say my first impression is*****
    Written by rutze
    Published Aug 6, 2010
    Pros - small compact USB co-ax AES DAC
    It takes a while to get really going. I was told to let the Matrix run for two months,to
    see the impact. It is my first trip into This sort of goody. So, watch for further developments.


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