Marantz SR4400

General Information

Latest generation of DSP from Cirrus Logic decodes DTS ES, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro-Logic II and Circle Surround 6.1 provides stunning reproduction of differently encoded movie and music soundtracks. Wide range of full discrete amplifiers with 80 Watts per channel offers excellent frequency response and superb sonic performance for the highest standard such as SACD and DVD-Audio 6.1 Channel direct input for direct connection of analogue feeds to allow connection of multi channel formats like SACD Easy set-up allows simplified optimized speaker distance set-up in surround configurations. Heavy duty speaker terminals allow connection with high quality speaker cables for optimized sound quality. Source direct allows critical audio enthusiasts to bypass the complete video signal circuitry for reduced interference, resulting in audiophile sound quality. 6.1 Pre-amp outputs provides a logical upgrade path to a more powerful home theatre system using external amplifiers.


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