Mackie MC 450

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The Mackie MC450 Open-back Headphones provide you with a detailed audio response and unmatched comfort at an accessible price. These professional-level headphones are loaded with large 42mm drivers that deliver impressive clarity that's ideal for mixing and critical listening applications. These headphones have a padded leather headband and memory foam earpads that provide hours of comfort. You can kiss uncomfortable listening sessions goodbye! The MC450 headphones are well-suited to the road too, thanks to their folding design and included carrying case. The Mackie MC450 headphones are sure to impress you with their durable construction, detailed sound reproduction, and unmatched comfort.

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Steven Mc Towelie

New Head-Fier
Mackie MC 450
Pros: Sound quality
Cons: The price is a bit ambitious
Mackie had not been on my radar as a headphone manufacturer before,
Now I had the opportunity to listen to their flagship, the MC450.

Mackie 450.jpg

The headphones come with three different connection cables, a sturdy soft case for the headphones and a smaller case for the accessories.

The cables are only connected on one side and have a bayonet lock in the earpiece to prevent the plug from being pulled out accidentally.

The entire headphone is made of plastic, but even a Russian tank could not be more stable.

In contrast to its smaller brothers, the MC 450 is an open headphone and more geared towards professional studio use in the recording area, i.e. a real "workhorse".

However, due to its neutral and very good tuning, it can also be used for home use if you're not really into bass,
It's very neutral and precise, but that can quickly spoil the fun
quickly spoil the fun.

The Mackie doesn't sound outstanding in any discipline, which makes it very suitable for mixing, it doesn't have any annoying peaks in the treble and you really don't have to use the equaliser.

The open design also provides a decent stage, not too big, but not too small either.

The MC450 can also be used very well on mobile devices, which usually do not offer EQ, if the environment allows it.

The handling and the wearing comfort are, of course, also designed more for everyday work in the studio. It sits tightly, but not too tightly.
and you can certainly bend the headband up a bit if you need to.

The cushions are comfortable, but a little small for large ears.
foam and have a perforated leather look.

Overall, I am very pleased with the sound quality of the Mackie 450. If I didn't have such big ears, the sound would be exactly what I expect from headphones, honest, neutral and without peaks.

With the RRP, Mackie should once again consider the competitor products, as they are a little too ambitious in their pricing.

But Mackie is definitely a manufacturer that you should give an ear when choosing headphones.


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