M-Audio Studiophile Q40 Closed-back Dynamic Headphones

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Whether you�re tracking, mixing or listening, you can expect sonic accuracy from your Studiophile Q40 headphones� designed by M-Audio, leading provider of reference monitor technology. With professional-grade dynamic drivers and ear cups that completely surround the ears, the Q40 headphones deliver full-range specs with excellent isolation from outside noise. Lightweight construction and comfortable earpads make them ideal for long studio sessions or hours of listening. These sturdy phones are collapsible for easy travel and even include a detachable/replaceable 3-meter cable to protect your investment. Whether you�re making music or just enjoying it, the Studiophile Q40 headphones let you get the most out of the experience.

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Pros: fun, surrounding sound. very rumble-bumble-tumble bass, mids are still clear and nice, decent highs
Cons: terrible pads, too big to be comfy, makes me adjust it for awhile.
first review. yayyyyyyyyyy
, so here we go.
I am no super expert in headphones, but heres what I think
the bass is very rumbling. I think that it wasn't as thumping or hard hitting as i would like it, but i really think that is because i am using the dt770 velour pads. when i put my hands on the outside of them, i can feel it hitting harder then it does on my ears.
the middle ranges sound good enough for me, definitely clear and smooth.
the highs sounded peerrrhhaps a bit hushed, but i haven't seen anyone else say that.
the sound really surrounds you and has a decent sound stage. it is really fun and i had a GREAT time moving and grooving. that being said i had plenty of room to get groovy BECAUSE OF THE LENGTH OF THE CORD. i got a replacement cord that is about a couple feet long.
the isolation is meh. it does a good job at keeping noise out, to be specific i am wearing these and listening to music and i cant hear my fingers on the keyboard even though it is usually very loud, but other people are able to hear what im rocking out to.
about the clamping force. it wasn't a problem for me. i didn't spend any time stretching it out and it fits nice, although i have a small head and like a tight fit.
another thing. although i haven't read much about other people who agree with me, i hear sibilance. and on some songs, its painful. just a warning
 any way guys thank you so much, just thought that i should put my opinion in!
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Pros: They are pretty accurate, the bass however is bumped up about 8db above 0 for the bassheads.(like my former self)
Cons: the wires are outside the headphone, cup holders meh.the wires are strng though you wont have to worry about those much but they're exposed.
q40>xb1000 in terms of sound and bass.
q40=m50 in terms of everything.
cable is very long, great for movement during sessions and can be used to mix clearly.The bass is big, but doesn't overpower the mids or highs due to the choice of fabric they used on the headphone cups.The clamping was bad at first, ears sore as doodoo after 35 minutes.
Pros: BASS!, great midrange, smooth highs, portable, detachable cable, folds up, decent build quality, overall fun sound.
Cons: Slightly thin cable, uncomfortable after some time, high clamping pressure, cheap padding.
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