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M-Audio Audiophile USB

  • The Audiophile USB is your audio and MIDI upgrade for any PC or
    Macintosh computer, utilizing the convenience of your computer’s USB
    port—no tools or computer disassembly is required.The Audiophile brings
    you true 24-bit 96kHz audio and the highest-quality stereo, and digital
    multi-channel surround sound available today.
    The Audiophile USB gives you two analog line inputs and two analog line
    outputs, plus coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs for a total of 4 ins/
    4 outs of high quality audio I/O. All audio channels support 24-bit data
    width and any sampling rate from 8kHz to 96kHz.The Audiophile USB is
    compatible with all major software programs running on PC and Macintosh
    computers. The coaxial digital outputs are multi-channel surround sound
    capable (Dolby, DTS, etc.), making the Audiophile USB the perfect “high
    end” sound interface for digital recording, analog or digital transfers, mixing
    and mastering, as well as DVD and home theater applications.
    The Audiophile USB allows you to connect a line-level signal from your line
    level instrument, mixer, or pre-amp into the Audiophile’s analog 1/4" phone
    jacks. Alternatively, you can connect the record outputs of your stereo
    receiver into the Audiophile’s RCA jacks located on the back panel. Record
    a digital audio signal from your DAT, MiniDisc, CD, or external A/D
    converter via the Audiophile’s coaxial S/PDIF input. Control all hardware
    settings with the Audiophile USB Control Panel software.
    The Audiophile USB also includes MIDI I/O connectors. Provided are one
    input and one output for use with external MIDI equipment such as sound
    modules and drum machines. The MIDI I/O may also be used to
    synchronize your computer to external devices via MIDI time code.


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