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  1. Ebsound
    Blueooth earphones have the sound I like
    Written by Ebsound
    Published Oct 6, 2017
    Pros - - Good sound
    - Clear treble
    - Comfortable to wear and fit securely in the ear
    Cons - - Average build quality, feel a bit cheap
    I could find hundreds of Bluetooth earphones for less than 25$, their design is varied and so is their sound quality. This pair sounds good with plenty of bass, but the bass is not really solid, and it is bit bloating. Mid-range and treble are no difference from other pairs in this price range.

    This review I focus on "sports features" that most sports lovers would like to know.
    Sweat resistance: the housing is not perfectly sealed, so if you sweat a lot I don't think this pair will last long.
    Fit and Comfort: the LyreBeats-S1 appears to be Beats look alike earphones. I know other sets with better sound and better bass and they are designed exactly the same as Beats Powerbeats but they may not be as comfortable as LyreBeats-S1. I like how the earbuds fit around, into my ears with earhook and tips. To improve comfort you can use foam tips, but those foam tips are easy to break. They are not as rugged as Comply tips.
    Sound Isolation. Good noise isolation, I could hear the noise when I run on the treadmill.
    The battery: the longer the better. It has 100mAh built-in battery inside L-housing, which could last for around 7 hours I think. Guess how many charge cycles they could get, 250 - according to the specifications. If you use it merely for workout, I think it can survive within 1 year.
    This is my firt impression, I will update this review soon when comparing it with other sport Bluetooth headphones like Samsung Level U or Sony MDR-XB50BS