Lynx Hilo

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The Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System serves up pristine audio and massive I/O. Three high-performance components in one - an A/D converter, a D/A converter and a high-end headphone amp with its own dedicated D/A converter, Hilo serves up the pristine, transparent audio quality for which Lynx is famous. You also get a 32-channel internal mixer, along with other useful features - all controlled from an intuitive LCD touch screen. For mastering and critical listening, get the best conversion technology available: Lynx's Hilo Reference.

Latest reviews

Pros: High quality natural sound, DSD playback, good ergonomics, many interfaces, good support manufacturer..
Cons: No remote controller
Two weeks ago, I became the owner of this interesting device, and try to share my experiences:
In my audio path I use Lynx Hilo as DAC connected via USB to Imac27, as well as a headphone amplifier for Sony MDR-CD3000.
And so: in my ear Lynx Hilo sounds very natural and does not color the sound, high detail, without blurring. Plays all the nuances of recording and still sound quite firm. High, mid and low frequency sound is very balanced, nothing sticks. In general, the device provides a transparent and very musical sound, in some reviews on the network it is called like analog :) PCM-D50 is connected to Hilo on optics also gave a very good quality comparable to playback on usb.
The plans have a desire to get to the Lynx Hilo pair of active monitors to go beyond just listening to the headphones, and try battery power, the ability to use it normally provided in the Lynx Hilo.
RMAA test of Lynx Hilo:



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