New Head-Fier
Pros: good price, decent power, slightly warm sound the adds flavor to some headphones, tube roll-able, balanced.
Cons: the stock tubes aren't the best but definitely good enough for the price, the single ended output isn't really good compared the balanced one
this is a great balanced tube hybrid amp, if you have a headphone that sound great on tubes, this amp will add a good flavor to the sound without costing so much, i have the hd6xx and been using it balanced on this amp and i like the sound pretty much, note that the single ended output isn't that good, i would recommend feeding the amp with a balanced dac and using the balanced output of the amp if you can as it is much better in terms of sound.
I've had my Loxjie P20 for the past two years and continue to really enjoy it. What amazes me most about the P20 is
how refined it sounds. $100 headphone amps are not supposed to sound this good.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great price to value, top quality components, change to better tubes for better sound.
Cons: Stock tubs are meh china variety.
This is a great little amp with good power, Balanced in and out, tubes can be rolled and will help even though it is a hybrid amp. Components are all top shelf. I have run this with RCA in and XLR in and XLR out is very nice, drives all of my headphones with authority. Z really liked it and so do I!