Lowrider Headphones - Color: Lime / Black

General Information

Ian said it best: Sometimes, good guys don't wear white. We designed more than a dozen colors of Lowrider - in addition to white - to avoid even the appearance of evil. So be good. Hang on. Get LOW.

Latest reviews

Pros: My first step-up after many crappy earbuds. And yes, they were a present from my mom for me, so I didn't have to pay.
Cons: The value for money still is bad. Although better than many stock earbuds. Cable did break after 6 or 7 months. Didn't sit well on my head.
After having tried out various earbuds, I told my parents that I wanted good headphones for my birthday. Somehow they decided for these ones and I was happy to have a bit better sound than before. I even don't remember the sound signature anymore. The design matches perfectly all the skater boys one can see around with other skullcandy or wesc-headphones. These ones kept slipping off my head when letting it down, somehow the plastic construction survived, but not the cable at all. Afterwards I broke them for an educational video on youtube to let people know what not to buy. There are loads of better headphones for the same price, especially the IEMs, but also things as the all-known Koss Porta Pro.
At least I've learned to buy headphones on my own from my own money. And found out what exactly the lower end of the audiophile bar is. A very educational experience. I'm glad it was free for me.


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