Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer (Black)

General Information

Enjoy the elegant styling and premium sound of Logitech´s Z-4 speaker system, featuring a modern, home-audio inspired design and advanced driver technology. Pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass. Sleek satellites include durable cast-metal stands and feature one active and two pressure drivers, producing the high-quality sound. The convenient wired remote control includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, volume, subwoofer, and power controls. Setup is easy with color-coded audio cables. Satellites - 17 watts RMS (8.5W x 2) Subwoofer - 23 watts RMS Total RMS power - 40 watts RMS Total peak power - 80 watts Frequency response - 35Hz - 20kHz Satellites - 2 inch dome & pressure driver Subwoofer - 8 inch pressure driver Signal-to-noise ratio - less than 92 db Satellites Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 3 x Depth 3.75 Subwoofer Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 9 x Depth 9.37

Latest reviews

Pros: Small footprint satellites, decent bass
Cons: Sub is quite large, can be boomy.
For a 2.1 computer speaker set up that cost £40 (UK) this I think is as good as it gets. Decent range, strong bass when required, though can get boomy if placed incorrectly or the bass is whacked up.  Perfectly good for youtubing, games and impromtu listening sessions. Headphone jack on the control unit is a nice touch.
Highs can get quite shrill at the loudest, and doesn't have much in the way of extension up there, but importantly it can sound balanced at reasonable listening levels.


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