Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System - Reviews
Pros: I got them free :D, sound decent, easy to listen to.
Cons: mids are scooped. over powering booming bass, short cord for back speakers, doesn't work with laptops fully,
I know it's a sin to compare speakers to headphones but I am going to do it anyways. I currently own Shure SRH840 and Grado, Alessandro MS1 Compared to these speakers i prefer the speakers for music. This is not because of sound quality or details (both of my headphones are much more detailed then these) but because of convenience. I will always think of headphones as more of a portable option for out and about use. Speakers are and will always be for home use more so then headphones.
Now time for the review.
I found the sound on these to be excellent for what i need them for. They are very good at hiding problems with music making listening to harshly recorded songs easier. Although the mids seem scooped so the guitars and vocals tend to be a bit muffled. I found the bass boomy and not very accurate. I generally have the bass at minimal settings and they sound fine that way.
They also seem rather durable and well made. I don't know all that much about speakers though so i can't say much else. I will say however that the sound quality gets worse the louder you play it. it does not scale well.
I hoped this helped you guys out.
But in all honesty, not bad for $0
Pros: Loud, great for movies and games
Cons: Bass only sounds good at some frequencies, bass is too loud at low volume
These are an amazing value for their price so I cant complain but the bass only sounds good at some frequencies, bass is too loud at low volume so keep the sub at the lowest volume for the best sound, other then that they are amazing!