Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

  1. jimtree
    Great headphones, worth every dollar
    Written by jimtree
    Published Feb 20, 2017
    Pros - Battery life, comfort, wireless range
    Cons - software
    I bought these headphones about year ago (I use them almost everyday), as an upgrade from my g430s when the cable finally wore out. In some cases (only some cases) I think the sound quality might be a little better on the g430s but being able to get up, walk around, use the headphones away from the computer, in another room, and not having an extra cable to get tangled is so worth the extra $100 or what ever it is you pay for them.
    Sound quality is great (you can make them pretty loud too), I take these all over the place just because I can't stand listening to music through ear phones now. Wireless range is a standout, I can basically walk around the whole house without any interruptions, with the microphone or audio.
    Also super impressed with the battery life and charging time, I can use them all day without a problem.
    I haven't used the microphone in a while, but I remember it being really really good, major step up from the disappointment of the g430 in terms of quality. So quick and easy to mute, easy to re-position.
    They have a different feel to the g430s (better fit I think, and nicer material), no problems with it. Before I bought them I read that people had problems with sweaty ears... I live in Australia, it gets pretty hot, but I've had no issues.
    Took some trial and error to get them connected to my phone and I ended up having to use a pin to usb adapter (which lucky I already have because apple charges like $40 for) which I then plugged the wireless adapter into (this makes your phone a bit bulky)... perhaps not as convenient as a headphone jack but the wireless works fine and haven't had any problems yet (I guess if you were using them indoors where your phone didn't have to be on you then there would be no problem).
    I've never got the software to work, I have a Logitech mouse as well and upon opening the software only the mouse is registered as a connected device, no big deal for me, but I can't really comment on any of the buttons.
    The volume wheel is pretty well located though, only problem I have with it is, after unplugging the headphones from the charging cable while in use I have to turn them off and back on again for the wheel to work. Not a huge deal though.
    Overall possibly my best value for money purchase ever.
  2. ActiveTechREV
    Great for Big ears, Good enough sound, Love the external buttons, awesome price
    Written by ActiveTechREV
    Published Dec 22, 2016
    Pros - Wireless, great sound, big ear cups,
    Cons - So so mic, sometimes there's interference
    I'm not one that likes over the hear head phones (I'm an in-ear type of guy) but my only comparison to this style of headphones is the Beyerdynamic DT770 . I know you guys will probably crusify me for making this comparison, but it's my only reference point. I love these headphones and for $59.99 you can't go wrong. I've had these for 2 weeks and I love them.  They have great sound and I love the wireless capabilities. I wanted a headset I could use on my computer that didn't sound as terrible as the Logitech h390's. And the real truth is I wanted something to buy that felt like it had a ton of value.  This is it!  So check out my video as I talk more about it. 
    In case you don't want to go through the video here are some quick bullet points.
    1. Big ear cups that cover my entire ear. 
    2. Doesn't get to hot and it's the Logitech g930 are the only over headphones I've used that I could wear for over an hour without discomfort
    3. I love the external buttons. They're mappable for gaming, but I use them mostly for Spotify.
    4. I get about 7 hours of battery life
    5. Portable enough to stuff in my backpack without a case
    6. Rugged will depend on time.
    Here's my video, let me know if you have any questions. I'll probably do a follow up video review in 2-3 months.
    Ryan's Review on Active Tech Review: https://youtu.be/HQLOy2u39Ao
  3. themastercheif
    Written by themastercheif
    Published Oct 7, 2015
    Pros - Mic had good directionality/noise cancelling, battery life started out decent.
    Cons - Heavy, CONSTANT disconnects, battery aging, bad/very buggy drivers.
    To put it bluntly, I'm never buying another Logitech headset ever again. Logitech is well aware of the issues that these headsets have, and still continue to produce defective merchandise/software. I had the G930 for about a year before I bought the G430, it was disconnecting every five to ten minutes, and often wouldn't reconnect for an entire minute or two at a time, accompanied by a rather annoying beep. This was exacerbated by the fact that the battery life started shortening rather quickly, to the point where I had to have it plugged in constantly or risk it not being able to connect at all.
    The driver could probably have been coded better by an intern fresh out of college. The buttons would remap themselves to factory standard settings randomly. The surround sound stopped working entirely. The voice changer was fun to mess with people on teamspeak though.
    Hopefully the G933 will actually work, not that I'll ever buy one.
  4. tusing
    Written by tusing
    Published Feb 2, 2015
    Pros - Sound Quality, Comfort
    Cons - Software
    So - I must say - that the audio quality on these is absolutely phenomenal. Crisp, clear, detailed sound all around. Mids are absolutely wonderful, bass is phenomenal (and can be adjusted with the software), and highs are great.
    Isolation doesn't seem that good when you first put them on, but when you start to play something, it goes straight up.
    I saw little to no perceived audio quality loss with the wireless aspect of the headphones. Logitech uses it's own USB stick - this is not a low-bitrate Bluetooth connection. You won't get sound from these like you would get with $500 cans, but these are phenomenal for their price nonetheless.
    The surround sound has been updated, and is great in games that support it. For those that don't, just use the stereo audio on these.
    Comfort was indescribable. I felt like I was surrounding my ears in a soft, wonderful pillow of amazing. It got a bit warm after a few hours, but you probably won't be listening to these for long enough for that to happen anyways.
  5. Butler
    For Wireless, You Give and You Take
    Written by Butler
    Published Oct 7, 2012
    Pros - Wireless, Circumaural, Macro Keys
    Cons - Audio Quality
    I purchased these because my original gaming headset have been attacked by my rabbit.

    I understand that you make sacrifices when you purchase a wireless headset. I'm not a huge fan of this headset, but it gets the job done and I've come to terms with that. Yes, it is true that you need the software running in order to use the surroundsound and also to equalize the headset. I've never had a problem with the software Equalizing the headset is a must, I found that the mids are very recessed. It's difficult to describe in what ways in regards to audio quality that this headset is lacking. It can be kind of hollow sounding at times and also the surround sound may be regarded by some as a gimmick. You're better off going with the AD 700 if you want a very high quality high satisfaction audio experience with gaming. The reason why I purchased these instead of those was simply because of the microphone and wireless, I didn't want to modify a microphone on to that.
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  6. Lux Nocte
    Logitech G930 review
    Written by Lux Nocte
    Published Jun 9, 2012
    Retail Price: 160 USD (You may be able to get it for a minimum of 110 off ebay or amazon)
    Accessories: The box comes with a software CD and a round USB dock to connect the wireless bit to, as well as charge the headset from. I quite like this idea of having the mini dock. It is not sticking out of your computer so you don't risk the chance of it being yanked out accidentally. The software is a whole different story that I will get to.
    Build Quality: The cans have a very nice hard leather feel. The buttons are just a bit resistant though. Connecting the speakers to the headband is a strong glossy plastic piece, but the hinges that connect the pieces feel quite weak, like they will break off. The headband is a mat plastic with foam on it. The ear cups are made of a more stiff type of foam. Overall when putting them on and adjusting them correctly, they feel like air, it is absolutely stunning comfort. After a few hours of hardcore gaming, though, they can get pretty warm and I need to loosen them a bit.
      The thing is pretty much resistant to fingerprints, but I've found that the microphone piece hogs quite a bit of them. I've also never had a single problem with the wireless connection. It is very quick and responsive, you don't notice any kind of desync with the game. The charge length lives up to it's advertisment. You can pull twelve hours out of the thing on a single one or two hour charge.
    Isolation: This headset leaks very badly, but you can't hear a thing on the outside when sound is on.
    Software: Before we go on to sound, we need to talk about the software. Logitech was never usually amazing with software, and that fact does not change in this case. First of all, the Surround Sound and the equalizer can not be activated without the software. The Equalizer makes sense, but I don't understand why they make surround sound optional considering it is not that good without it on (Will get to that in sound part of this review) The equalizer is quite nice, and you are able to change the volume in all seven directions individually, which I found brilliant. And then comes the huge BUT. The software is terrible. It crashes all the time and is not responsive at times. Sometimes when I activate my surround sound, it does not work correctly and I need to reset the software. Even worse, the headsets volume wheel is linked to the software, and you can not use it without the software. If you are using up a chunk of CPU, the volume wheel will be completely irresponsive. So what do you do? Keep scrolling it until it decides to work. Then the sound jumps to a massive amptitude and you throw the headphones at your monitor in shock. If the volume wheel stays irresponsive, you need to reset the software. I love the idea of having the volume wheel on these headphones. I don't need to exit my game and open the volume menu to adjust the settings. But the software has driven me to do that because I don't even want it turned on because of how terrible it is. The thing will even crackle if you are on 4GB of RAM and watching a video on the internet. You can only listen to a video without the crackeling, and that is with and without the software.
    The sound: The sound on these are very good, and, if you get passed the annoying software, you can adjust the equalizer that comes with it and get some great deep bass. It does not vibrate, not for an extreme basshead, but it is very desent. The midrange is absolutely wonderful, not just for gaming, but for music, and it does a good job of filtering those high-pitched sounds that can hurt your ears when glass breaks in a game. My only problem with the sound is that the surround sound can become very unbalanced in games, especially without the software. If there is a character to your right speaking and nothing to the left, all you hear is the right side of the headphones and maybe some low ambience in the left cup. I absolutely hate that feeling of unbalanced surround sound. Some people may enjoy it, but it is just not good with my ears. I still want to hear it at a lower volume on my other ear.
    Despite all my problems with the software and Surround Sound, these are not bad headphones. They feel good, sound good, the build quality makes up for the price.
    But if you don't mind lugging around some hardware, the Tritton AX Pro would be a better choice.
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    2. GL1TCH3D
      I agree and disagree with a lot of the points.
      I completely reset my laptop to factory default every 6 months.
      Originally I had an issue where there was crackling in the sound which you'll see a lot about on the forums. Though, after reseting, I never had a problem so I assume it was an old conflicting driver.
      The sound quality was decent.
      The isolation was also very good, I never noticed the leaking and nobody ever mentioned it to me.
      The earpads were quite comfortable but the foam on the headband would press down on one specific spot on my head and cause massive discomfort if not loosened.
      As for the software, I never had an issue with it. Also, volume adjustment would be a driver issue, not software. I could still adjust the volume without the software being open using the wheel. It's true you need the software open to use the surround sound or equalizer which is a bit annoying.
      I found the build quality to be very high. I never once felt like they were going to break.
      GL1TCH3D, Jun 10, 2012
    3. Butler
      Never had an issue with the software.

      Not sure where you're getting the idea that the mids are great, because they're probably the worst part of the sound signature.
      Very recessed. Hollow sounding. There are no AD700's, but they're wireless so I can't complain.
      Butler, Oct 7, 2012
    4. Sugi
      I have been using the Logitech Gaming Software [Software for the G930] for 4+ years now? It has come along quite a bit and now it's amazing. No issue with crashes or buttons failing to work. I do not believe there is an automatic update software for it, but I highly recommend always keeping it update.
      Sugi, Jan 27, 2014