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Studio-grade sound. Crafted and tuned by same engineers who build our pro earphones for...

Logitech UE 900

  • Studio-grade sound.

    Crafted and tuned by same engineers who build our pro earphones for recording artists and sound engineers, the Logitech UE 900s feature a unique quad-armature design—two for the low end, one for the mid-range, and one for high frequencies. The result is nothing short of a revelation in music listening- a wide, front-row-center soundstage, take-your-breath-away depth and clarity, piano-like timbre, and just the right amount of color on the bass and treble.
    Choose your cord.

    The Logitech UE 900s come with two detachable, braided cables. The mic and on-cord controls let you answer calls with just one touch, change tracks and adjust volume—all without touching your iPhone® or iPod®. A second standard cable is included for those who need to listen to music and nothing else.
    Your own private sound chamber.

    When it comes to noise isolation—and great sound—fit matters. So, for maximum comfort and up to 26 dBs of noise isolation, the Logitech UE 900s come with eight pairs of specially designed ear cushions. Choose from five sizes of silicon cushions and three sizes of Comply® foam cushions, each designed with a large-bore opening to ensure the sound is delivered cleanly. Because nothing should come between you and the music you live for.

Recent Reviews

  1. Pannaz
    Excellent IEM !!
    Written by Pannaz
    Published May 17, 2017
    Pros - mid-high and sound stage is so awesome, Good amount of bass, compact and comfortable, cheap if buy from the right place
    Cons - Poor quality of all accessories, poor quality of cable, so so built-quality
    I'm also the one who had used Triple Fi. 10 before moving to this IEMs.

    In short, this IEM's sound is so awesome in relation to their relative cheaper price with other IEMs in range if you can buy from the right place e.g. ebay. For me, I got this pair only for 199 USD from a seller in Hong Kong.

    Now go on with the review:


    1. High-mid

    High-mid range sound of this IEM is the best of my listening experience ranging from full-size headphone (Sennheiser HD518) or other IEM (triple fi 10, audio technica ath-e70). It go deep and farthest.

    2. Bass

    Bass is OK for this IEM althrough not but if you demand for heavier. However, this IEM give a very clear bass without distortion in sound.

    By the way, the must-need trick is that you have to use the right ear tips for your ear. Unfortunately, in my experience, non of the ear tips offered in the box can use my need and I had to buy from the aftermarket which is great. In the end, if you find the same issue, I may suggest that you might need to look for new ear tip.

    3. Sound stage

    As this IEM is a BA drivers based earphone, you can also expect them to deliver a good sound stage which this IEM will not let you down on this.

    4. Built Quality

    Built quality is a major issue with this IEM, I already replaced all of the cables offered in the box with aftermarket one. It certainly cannot be used for some specific activities; hard marathon and motorcycling (I did both :frowning2: ).

    The body of the drivers are also easily scratched.
  2. petiot
    definitely better than the one they replace
    Written by petiot
    Published Jan 12, 2017
    Pros - more clarity, more sound stage, more balanced sound, cleaner bass, more presence in the mids
    Cons - poor set of accessories, remote, cable, swivel connectors
    This is a review for the 900(using an iBasso DX90)
    My dear and beloved triple fi 10 died recently, after 6 years of intensive use and a fair amount of abuse, So well done UE, and thanks for the worthy investment. 
    After looking at a dozen of potential candidates for replacement (Shure, even the UE Pro 5, Seneheiser IE80, etc,) I decided to have a go at the UE 900s thinking "if no good I will return them". Well they are definitely staying with me! This review is mainly a comparison with the Triple fi 10.
    I read in a review, that the UE 900s were a more mature version of the Triple fi, and I think that is the perfect summary.
    As listed in the Pros of this review, the UE900s are just .... better than the triple fi 10 in almost every respects (soundwise). And I really really liked, the triple fi 10: But the UE 900s are better and I would also add that they are as much fun to listen with! 
    I started my IEM journey with the super fi 5 Pro (I am not a UE sales rep btw) and they were awesome but lacked bass and were sibilant to the point of becoming painful sometime.
    Then I got the Triple fi 10 and this was honey to my ears! The bass was deep and rich and impactful and gone was most of the harshness in the high end (still some).
    But when comparing the Triple fi 10 with the Super fi 5 Pro (still going strong after almost ... 10 years!!), I did realize that the mids were very recessed indeed. Also with some album/recordings the Triple fi 10 boosted bass was getting tiring to listen to and resulted in an unbalanced/artificial sound.
    The UE 900s are much more balanced and fix those two downsides that the Triple fi has: The mids are more present and richer, and the bass is less prominent and at the same time more textured. This results in a significantly smoother and more fluid sound. There are two other areas where I find the UE 900s better: The soundstage is massively improved, and the layering of instrument is much better: I can more easily isolate individual instrumentsin the soundscape than I could with the Triple fi 10.
    Because of the additional clarity I also find myself listening to music at lower volumes levels. 
    Many reviews praise the accessories coming with the UE900s. Well I dont agree at all and think it is a very poor selection; The IEM come with tons of tips, ok, but no cleaning tool, not adapter, no attenuation plug (for use in planes), and a lousy and totally unpractical carry case, which design seems to be an after thought. For info the case of the triple fi 10 is absolutely bashed after so many years of use, but way way much better than anything I ever had earphone delivered with. 
    Few other things I personally think could be better are 1) the cable: you get two ot them, ok nice thanks, but I will probably need both because the braided design seems very weak and will probably fail sooner rather than later. The cable also tangle A LOT. Not to mention that the remote does not work with Android devices (I am fed up with this apple/iPhone electronic dictatorship) although you can step to the next track by double clicking the middle button. The volume buttons cannot be used at all.
    2) the swivel connectors make it difficult to manipulate and fit the earphones. I could fit the Triple fi 10 in the dark with one hand, walking in the crowd or in a shaking plane without problems. I sometime feel it is like a mission to fit the 900: untangle the cable, spot the right hand side unit (the little red ring does helps), rotate the connector and maintain it in place while fitting the earphones .... I will get better at it, but it is awkward.
    Comfort wise, I had absolutely no problems with the triple fi. but the flush design of the 900 is better aesthetically. However there is more shell in contact with the ears' skin, which means more cleaning to do and possible more chance of having the odd pressure points. 
    So in short, I am almost glad the Triple fi gave up on me. I did like them because I have been using them for so long but I think soundwise the UE900s are definitely a step in the right direction. I am very happy with the replacement especially now the price is so low (less than 190 UK£). To summarize the difference and If you like paraboles, soundwise the Triple fi 10 are a BMW, the 900s are closer to a Mercedes. Classier, more mature, smarter. and considering the glorious reputation of the Triple fi 10, UE/Logitech have done a very good jobl.
    I will definitely look for a replacement cable/remote and then keep enjoying listening to all of my tracks again and again! And maybe buy one of those awesome UE small case to house my new sound companions!
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  3. caffed
    Good mid range IEMs, although the right ear tips make a difference
    Written by caffed
    Published Oct 18, 2014
    Pros - Crisp but not piercing highs, adequate bass, good sound stage, Logitech customer support is very helpful and proactive
    Cons - mids can seem a little flat time, cheap look and construction
    This is my first review so keep that in mind.
    I bought a pair used UE 900's at Cex, an electronics resale store in San Francisco. I was cleaning them and pulled the wrong way on the MMCX connector and the freakin' right unit came apart and ripped the internal wires apart. I contacted Logitech tech support and was shipped a complete UE 900s for a replacement! They were quick and helpful to respond, much better than I was.
    So, this review is for the Logitech UE 900 and Logitech UE 900s units.
    These IEMs really excel at representing distinct highs. Cymbals, falsettos, and all high frequencies sound crisp and clear. Until I found the right ear tip, it was on the verge of headache inducing. These IEMs really require the time to find the right ear tip. 
    There is low microphonics in these. They are almost silent with no music playing.
    Bass is present but does not feel compressed or mangled. For me it's just enough.
    Acoustic music sounds great with these. Vocals and guitar really shine through.
    The sound stage feels medium-ish. The canal is wider than say Shure or Westone IEMs.  Not sure if that completely the reason, but like my Sennheiser IE80's it feels pretty full.
    Mid frequencies are really not as noticeable and sometimes get lost. Female vocals, electronic music, etc. sometimes are not be optimal for these. They are not absent either. I wish it was just a little more.
    The construction is ****. For real. The cable and housing, while actually somewhat durable, feels fragile. I only sit and sometimes walk in these. Actually, the cheap construction helps in that people think you're listening to some crappy headphones not realizing that they retail for $300-$400. So you are less likely to get mugged in them :-D 
    Also, they look a little "Fisher Price" like.
    These are currently my second favorite IEM (out of my 5).  For the price the treble/bass combo is good, for my tastes.
    1. Mshenay
      Less likely to get mugged is always a plus lol 
      Mshenay, Oct 18, 2014
  4. twister6
    Review of the new UE900s version
    Written by twister6
    Published Aug 31, 2014
    Pros - great detailed sound, unique look, a TON of eartips
    Cons - pricey, weak strain relief
    This is a review of Logitech/Ultimate Ears UE900s multi-driver in-ear monitors. http://www.ultimateears.com/en-us/900s
    The original UE900 was my first pair of hi-fi IEMs, the one which opened up my eyes and ears to higher quality multi-driver in-ear headphones. Though I have tested a lot of other headphones afterwards, in different dynamic/BA driver configurations, I still like to visit them from time to time for more listening and comparison. I also noticed comments from people who purchased their pair over a year ago with some early production batch issues (related to the cable connector), though my original UE900 pair from last October with a gold-plated connector never exhibited any of those problems. When Logitech announced UE900s model, it caught my interest because I wasn't sure if it's going to be a simple refresh or an updated version. From all the info I gathered prior to obtaining UE900s review sample, it looked like a refresh with an updated accessories. To my surprise, when I got these (and btw, they do look IDENTICAL to UE900), I found tuning to be slightly different. I can hear a bit more bass quantity and a bit less upper mids/treble brightness. In both pairs, nozzle pinhole port was clear, and I was using a stock audio braided cable. I hear it as a subtle difference, but it's still there, though YMMV. With this refresh and plethora of all new eartips, I decided to write an updated review of UE900s. Here is what I found.
    Starting with a packaging, the external sleeve was updated and has a cleaner look with more detailed description of internal headphone components. Once you get to the main box and open its flip cover, you will be blown away by... the amount of eartips! Yes, the first thing that will capture your attention are the included eartips, and you will find more in the bonus tray underneath. You get two identical sets of 6 pairs of silicone hybrid eartips (XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L), and two identical sets of 3 pairs of memory foam eartips (S, M, L). The memory foam is not the same as Comply, and it goes in your ear without a need to squeeze it first so it's easier to setup. I assume double of each set is for backup purpose. Each eartip is color coded with a hybrid stem. It's placed in a special tray with a size label and individual removable holder which you can pick up to use in your ear for a fitment without a need to put on the actual headphone earpieces. I honestly never seen anything like this before. The clear plastic tray with a second set of backup earpieces also includes a special maintenance gel for improved conductivity of the connector. Probably a bit of an overkill, but I think UE engineers trying to cover every base to mitigate any future connector problems.
    Furthermore, you get two sets of braided cables: one in black with individually wrapped wire shielding for audio only use and the other one with blue wire shielding which includes in-line remote/mic for smartphone control. In there, volume buttons are for iPhone use only while multi-function middle button works with Android phones as well. I tested it without a problem on my Galaxy Note 2 with a single click for Play/Pause/Call, double click to skip forward, triple click to skip back, and long press to start Google NOW. Mic worked great while making calls, though just like with a similar in-line remote on UE600 in a noisy background environment I had to bring it up closer to my mouth for people on the other side to hear me better. You can also use an included shirt clip to move in-line remote/mic closer to your mouth. In addition to a same synthetic draw-string pouch like in UE900, UE900s model also has a brand new hard case. The original UE900 case looked like a jewelry box with a piano finish, while this new UE900s plastic case looks like a folding business card holder. It's slick and more pocket friendly, though you gotta be careful not to snap wires when closing it. And speaking of wires, you still get two braided wires per earpiece with a shrink-wrapped y-splitter bridging 4-wire braided whip going to a headphone connector. The audio cable also has a clear chin-slider. Both cables have right angle 3.5mm gold plated connector and a short strain relief. Earpieces have a short clear tube memory wire with a right piece having a red rubber band for id purpose. The connectors are standard MMCX and the plastic shielding of the connector also has a color marking to distinguish left/right sides. In general, cable felt strong though I would prefer a better strain relief. Either way, cable is removable and replaceable, so no fear if anything breaks.
    So how about the sound? The design of UE900s, just like UE900, has 4 separate Balanced Armature drivers and built-in crossover for a better separation and tuning of the sound. Its sound signature is nicely balanced with a bit of a mid-forward emphasis and overall warm feeling. You get a very good layering/separation of instruments and great soundstage in both width and depth. Starting with the bass, it's fast and punchy, accurate, not as deep sub-bass, and a slight mid-bass boost. Low end has a nice detailed quality without exaggerated quantity, but definitely above neutral level. Bass is tight and well controlled without spilling into lower mids. Mids sound natural and accurate. Upper mids are clear and detailed without being too bright, and have a slight boost over the rest of the frequency range. Treble is well extended and detailed, but not peaky or hot. Not even a hint of sibilance. That's where I found it to be slightly different from UE900 which sounded brighter to my ears. It's rare to get combination of mid-forward sound without being too bright, but in this case UE guys nailed it. I also found sound isolation to be not bad, depending on eartip selection for a perfect seal, where outside noise gets attenuated but you are still aware of surrounding. With memory foam tips, you get an even better isolation and deeper low end. Also, I didn't experience any microphonics effect.
    Overall, even with subtle sound tuning differences I experienced between UE900 and UE900s (which might even level off after more burn in time), these are still great multi-driver IEMs. They have a very unique look, a great detailed sound, a nicely balanced signature for non-fatigue listening, and come with an uber amount of eartips! Of course, it all comes at a cost if you are willing to pay close to $400 for UE900s. But the good news is that if you can find the original UE900 for sale, you can get it for under $300 which is a great deal when you compare it to competition from Shure and Westone.
    Here are the pictures.
    1. MachBot
      MachBot, Sep 1, 2014
    2. twister6
      @MachBot : I'm well aware of UE900 thread and the whole saga behind UE900 vs UE900s :wink:  My UE900s review sample came directly from Logitech.  As of now, this IS official US 900s version.  That other unibody design is either for Asia or future releases.
      twister6, Sep 1, 2014
  5. efgwew
    Written by efgwew
    Published Dec 25, 2013
    Pros - Comfort and Fit, Soundstage, Detail, Deep bass, SQ
    Cons - Putting them on for the first time was a real challenge
    Switched to these from a TDK BA200 and the difference is phenomenal. I only paid about 80quid more for these than the BA200 with all the discounted sets appearing here and there. The first thing I noticed after getting a good fit was the immense soundstage. They are very detailed and clear in reproducing music, but are rather lenient on most lower quality mp3 recordings. This is a plus for me as I tend to listen to lower quality files. When my music shuffles upon a good recording however, the soundstage is really captivating. Best IEM's I have ever owned/tested.
    1. dichtert
      I listen to classical music exclusively. From renaissance to baroque to romantic to impressionistic to modern periods and the different dynamic ranges these periods entail, the UE900s faithfully reproduce the music of these periods and composers. I used to change IEMs depending on what I was listening to. With the UE900s I don't have to
      dichtert, Aug 28, 2014
  6. MoonYeol
    Very versatile all-rounder if you don't mind doing a little extra work
    Written by MoonYeol
    Published Oct 14, 2013
    Pros - Good bass, nice and warm mids, smooth treble, decent layering and sounstage. Appealing looks.
    Cons - Very fit dependent, cable swivels and memory wire doesn't hold its shape. Doesn't feel like $400 iems.
    First of all. I'm going to review these based on my listening experiences using a 100 Ohm adapter or from the Out2 of my BH. My pinholes are about 2/3 - 3/4 blocked. I'm using meelec balanced dual flanges and I have elongated the nozzle of my right housing with the tube from a comply TS500. For me that's the best sound I can get from them.
    These feel like they don't need any formal introduction. As the follow up and replacement to one of the most renowned iems on the planet, the TF10, they have a lot to live up to. I've never heard the TF10. The UE900 were actually my first real iem-crush. From the moment I saw them I knew that I would buy them. With every review I read I knew that they were probably not the best price/performance and certainly not the best build quality for the price. Before I bought them I knew that I wanted more of a neutral sound with extended treble. http://rinchoi.blogspot.se/2012/10/ultimate-ears-part3-in-depth-analysis.html That link is probably what tipped me and made me pull the trigger. A choice that I don't regret.
    Build, package, comfort: The included package is good. The best part of it is the airline attenuator. If you don't like bloated bass and veiled mids, it will be your best friend. Included tips are great if you can get a good fit. For me they're too short. I also don't fancy the comply tips with the UE900 as it takes away a bit of the treble extension from an iem with already smooth treble. Sonically I think that the small auvios are the best but fit wise the meelec balanced tips are in a league of their own. They are comfortable enough for me and once I have them in, they stay there but be prepared to do some tip rolling.
    Sound: The stock UE900 I would describe as warm, bloated bass, veiled mids, slightly recessed but smooth treble. That's according to my preferences. But overall a good tuning for mainstream music. Very consumer friendly. The good part begins here. 
    With (partially) blocked pinholes and 100 Ohm adapter: The sound is mostly neutral but on the laid back and warm side. The bass is solid and not bloated or boomy. May not be enough for some. It's decent in speed and texture. Faster than GR07 but slower than something like R-50. There is a healthy amount of sub bass but less than both GR07 and R-50 but more than Re0. There is no bleed into the mids apparent to my ears. 
    The mids are smooth but still retain a good bite in electric guitars. They are pretty relaxed and a bit warm. Again I'd place them in between GR07 and R-50. Some might say that there's not enough edge to violins, higher pitched piano notes etc. I'd say that it's just right. Not dark, not bright, not grainy or edgy, just smooth but still well defined.
    The treble is... smooth (surprise!) and well extended. It rarely exhibits any sibilance even in a bit harsher recordings. So a good balance and no glaring peaks. It lacks the air and presence that the Re0 has but it's way easier to listen to. 
    Imaging and soundstage is decent at the price. It's not the biggest sounding. I suspect that it actually sounds bigger without the adapter. But for me the bloat makes it a big no-no. A quality that the UE900 has is to place two instruments at almost the exact same spot but still separate them well. Maybe it's my ears that are untrained but I find it intriguing. The layering is decent at the price as well. It looses out to ASG-2 (especially if EQ'ed) which beats it in both soundstage size and separation.
    Out of BH(2) Output 2: Now this is where it gets really interesting. Compared to the stock UE900 it's almost a u-turn. The treble becomes more present, the extension increases. The soundstage gets more hemispheric or circular. Within that sphere the layering is excellent. Then there's like an elliptical orbit of sounds. It's bigger than the more spherical inner circle. In between these two there is little to no layering. It's a bit like electron shells. (The simplified version.) The sound gets a bit colder and more analytical, the bass body disappears slightly compared to only 100 Ohm adapter. Now the good part is. If you own a BH(2) you don't have to block the pinholes which should bring the bass impact to the level of blocked pinholes and 100 Ohm adapter. The BH pretty much takes away the bloat and veiling without blocking the pinhole. This is a more aggressive tuning but the way the treble is presented is to my ears almost flawless. Detailed and with great presence in the upper treble but without the harshness.
    My ratings:
    Build quality (adjusted for price): 3/5
    Handling (fit): 3/5
    Comfort: 4/5
    Stock sound: ~8/10
    With 100 Ohm adapter: ~9,3/10
    BH(2) Output2: ~9,4/10
    The best quality that the UE900 has with blocked pinholes and 100 Ohm adapter is that it just sounds good with anything you throw at it. It's not extremely picky with recordings. It's not a sibilance monster. It's not a bass monster. It's just a good iem that lets you listen to any music you want to. It doesn't present it in any unique way like ASG-2 or CK100Pro do. For me as a Swede. It's just "lagom" (which means not too little, not too much, with an undertone of this is the perfect amount).
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  7. socom
    Written by socom
    Published Apr 25, 2013
    Pros - Fantastic sound quality, strong bass, clear mids, crip highs, looks like a piece of jewelery.
    Cons - its always a bit of a mission to put on, a pit too pricey (i got them with military discount though), the cord doesnt feel very good, foam earbuds rip
    what can i say, the first serious IEM i ever owned. makes all the other IEMs I've ever listened to sound like ****, and i pack some decent sounds (XBA-3,XBA-4, EX1000)
  8. rahulsharma
    Awesome sound
    Written by rahulsharma
    Published Apr 9, 2013
    I had wants to try these earphones for a while, an I am gla that I picked them up. sound quality and clarity is fantastic, really fantastic. if I had one poor note on these (which won't diminish my rating for them) is that the bass is a bit lacking but not by much, it's mainly at the lower volume levels that I have noticed this.. but all around the earphones are fantastic and if you have the money I strongly recommend you get a pair
  9. tmugt
    Favorite IEMs to date
    Written by tmugt
    Published Apr 5, 2013
    Pros - Design, Fit, Sizes, SQ
    Cons - Price, and Cables
    So let me start of with saying this review is geared for people who are trying to decide if buying these is a good investment, from a more average consumer. I am not an audiophile or musician, I just really enjoy music. I got these from my local Apple Store, where headphone selection is very limited to begin with. Seeing something like these for $400 you'd actually be curious to see them. You are paying for an experience, for me $400 was a bit pushy to think of, but it was worth it for these bad boys.
    Yes it is.
    First being, quality packaging: For my personal experience I tend to be disorganized with the contents of my day bag. These things come with a carrying case that you know will be secure inside, and are somewhat stylish. I mean you are paying lots of money for them
    Second, cables: These IEMs coming with 2 cables. The original blue cable with the mic and control buttons, and a spare black cable with nothing on it. These are detachable and you can change them at any time. For me personally, I had a slight trouble with changing them, but I believe it's because I am bad with my hands. The fact that they have a design to switch cables that are provided is nice. 
    Third, Comfort: This should probably be higher or the list, but anyways these feature 8 sets of ear cushions. There is a size for everyone. Plus they are comfortable in numerous conditions. Running, biking, walking, anything really. 
    Fourth, and most importantly Sound Quality: These are really AMAZING! First being that the isolation is better than its Predecessor. Not only that, they have 4 drivers, that contribute to a overall greater sound. These are really balanced, you will notice greater overall sound then most other options.
    What's in the box
    1. Earphones
    2. Protective hard case
    3. 5 pairs of silicone ear cushions (XXS, XS, S, M, L)
    4. 3 pairs of Comply ear foam (S, M, L)
    5. Audio cable
    6. Cable with microphone/controls
    7. ¼-inch adapter jack
    8. Airline attenuator
    9. Polishing pouch
    10. User documentation

    I am not really good at writing reviews, but if anyone has any specific questions about the headphones let me know.
  10. gruiz3
    My first taste of great iem's
    Written by gruiz3
    Published Jan 13, 2013
    Pros - I can find no real flaws, sound is amazing.
    Cons - Just had a heck of a time putting them on lol.
    I bought these on a whim and have no regrets. Just let me say wow, I'm just hoping when I get my he-400's they don't get overshadowed. But the ue900's are going to be for work and on the go. I've only had them for less than a day. I've just loved them unequalized, they are the first headphone/iem's that I liked unequalized. So they will need a bit more scrutiny when I get my he-400's but apples vs oranges really. If anyone has a recommendations for a portable amp that could tackle both? Pm me thanks and to anyone pondering the purchase, if you can levy the cash just go for it:D.

    Update: Got some replacement tips off of amazon, and perfect fit now! No joke on isolation being excellent.And i also found the best way to wear them.:)
    1. ayaflo
      tralucent t1
      ayaflo, Jan 13, 2013


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