Logitech Squeezebox Wi-Fi Internet Radio and Wireless Music Player

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Squeezebox is the affordable way to deliver music into every room of your home. It plays a wide variety of digital music files, including uncompressed and lossless formats — across a true 802.11g wireless network connection. Squeezebox will revolutionize the way you listen by freeing you and your music. Its convenient and stylish form makes it ideal for placing in any room, whether connected to an existing hifi system or simply powered speakers. By utilizing true 802.11g Wi-Fi networking and dual internal antennas, your listening is no longer restricted by cables and connectors. Squeezebox offers you the widest choice of listening options beyond your digital media collection. The product includes a directory of thousands of internet radio stations and features Pandora's personalized music service and Rhapsody's 2 million song collection. All internet music streaming services are even available when your computer is turned off.

Latest reviews

First I tried the newer Squeezebox Duet which has a display on the remote control but I prefer the Classic because the display is much bigger then the display of the newer remote control.
I have never enjoyed music so much with this device, just scan your music and it imports all your iTunes playlists or your music folders if you don't use iTunes (in my case I don't) and use the handy remote control to listen to it (random lists are also possible). 
And there is another advantage as well. Sound on a pc can sometimes sound a bit bad because of the electricity (I read this and heard it).
With a music server device, the music is sent from your hard drive to the Squeezebox via IP packets (network packets) and in my case it is then sent to the Dac via coaxial cable.
Pros: Usability, flexibility, bit-perfect
Cons: Server software can be a bit quirky occasionally
Just a few quick impressions of the SqueezeBox 3;

I bought a SqueezeBox3 after reading about it in Stereophile.  It was easy to set up and I've not had any issues with the physical unit itself.  Occasionally the server software can have a few quirks here and there but overall its been very reliable.  I especially love the fact that you can control your SqueezeBox3 via the same web-browser-based interface used to administer the server.  I usually use my laptop to choose music on the SqueezeBox3 instead of the included remote control.  It's easier and faster and has a nice flexible user interface with album art, sorting, etc.  

The SqueezeBox3 delivers bit-perfect data to your DAC but only up to 16/44.1.  It has a built-in DAC with RCA outputs but I found its sound just "ok", no where near the level of my Lavry DA11.  Digital outputs provided are TosLink and Coax S/PDIF.  Even though my audio system is downstairs and across the house from my wireless router, I've never had any interruptions to the audio stream and have always got very good signal strength.  Plus the SqueezeBox3 supports most security protocols, such as WEP, WPA and WPA2.  My early unit was actually made in California but all units are now made in China.  Oh and the simulated analog VU-meters on the SqueezeBox3 display are very cool!

As an added bonus the SqueezePlay software is a PC-based player that emulates the SqueezeBox3 on your PC, should you like to listen to your music library via your PC itself.

The new SqueezeBox Touch is the latest model.  It has a full color touch screen, built-in (Linux) server software, USB input (and output with a hack) AND most importantly suppports bit-perfect streaming up to 24/96!
Thanks for the great review! Would you say that the DAC on the Touch is better than the Duet?

Thanks! I was surprised no one else had written a review on the SB3 yet, it's been such a great unit for me. I can't even imagine going back to using a CD player anymore ... too much hassle!

I would say the DAC in the Touch is likely superior to the one in the Duet as it's a newer model and from what I've read on the SB forum, the Touch seems to be better engineered overall than the SB3 and Duet.

FYI - The SB forum has some knowledgable people and good info here:


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