Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer

General Information

The new Logitech S-220 Speaker System contains several upgrades to its predecessor, the S-200 Speaker System. Unlike the S-200, the new S-220 encompasses increased usability with a newly styled control base to manage improved acoustics, volume and VoIP connectivity. Bass tuning by the end user is often permanent once a setting is established. With the end-user experience at the forefront of Logitech¿s design strategy to minimize desk clutter the S-220 bass control is located directly on the subwoofer. This allows the end user to tune the speaker system with no concerns for any accidental control adjustments. Finally, the newly designed S-220 advantages improved acoustics for a smoother, rich experience to enjoy music, VoIP discussions or playing video games.

Latest reviews

Pros: Price, surprisingly good sound, adequate bass at medium and low volume, wired volume remote
Cons: A lot of cables, performance still limited
I paid 15 bucks for these in a sale, regular price is somewhere around 30 - 40 dollars. I needed a simple pair of speakers for a computer, so I had really no expectations. I figured these would outperform s simple 2.0 that was priced the same even worse.
Now i seriously underestimated the sound coming out as it turns out this is quite a capable system. Sound is pretty detailed, bass has some punch, given the small size of the sub so there is a lot of value.
Design is nothing fancy, but they look much better than those cheap 2.0 systems. 
The wired remote is a bit light weight but still a nice feature. Mids and highs are pretty good from the sattelites only the bass starts to suffer when you turn the volume up. So if you are thinking you can host a party with these, forget about it. But if you have a small room, a budget of up to 30 dollars (I would gladly pay 30 for them if I had to buy them again) and want some decent audio - music, movies and games, this is the best choice ... by far.
Pros: great sound
Cons: not many detachable cables
Awesome sound. good materials. i don't like the volume pad on any type of speakers. (too many cords) i would like them even more if they had a bit more power. at low to mid volumes this set of speakers sounds very enjoyable. (great price on amazon too)
Pros: Impressive soundstage and timbre, decent response across most of the frequency range, cheap, inline volume control
Cons: Rolled-off highs, slightly raw sound, bass doesn't extend all the way down, subwoofer doesn't have big 'oomph', annoying cords
I actually picked these up looking for a center channel and sub for a very makeshift 5.1 computer setup. For that job, they weren't exactly amazing, but on their own I was pretty impressed.

Considering their size and price, these aren't going to be the biggest, loudest, fullest or clearest speakers around. But plugging these in and queuing up Bodom Beach Terror and I was caught completely off guard.

Whether using them as center/sub in my makeshift setup or on their own as a 2.1 system, drums, vocals and other instruments all sounded fantastic. Impact and timbre were extremely realistic across drums, singing and piano recordings. Soundstage and imaging was also quite good, probably because the desktop speakers are single-driver/one-way. I even used these as studio monitors for recording, and when I played back the recorded track my friend in the room thought we had started recording again: they sound that real.

Each of these speakers is single-driver/one-way, so don't expect sparkling and endless highs, and don't expect the tiny subwoofer to spit 20Hz frequencies or shake the floor much. Bass drops off pretty sharply below 40Hz, still audible down to 35Hz but pretty nonexistent any lower than that.

The design here is a bit odd, with a narrow subwoofer designed to be tucked under a desk or similar and two small desktop speakers. The subwoofer has a volume knob (which I found had to be turned all the way up in all cases for a good sound), and there is a small 'pod' in line with the audio cord that contains headphone and microphone jacks, a volume control and a power switch. While the audio cord (which splits into both the stereo plug for sound and a microphone plug for the jack on the pod) is plenty long, the length of cord from the speaker to the pod is not so long, and I found that to have the additional jacks, volume control and power switch within reach was difficult in most of my setups.

Equally frustrating was the length of the power cord which ran into the subwoofer, as it made putting the subwoofer under my desk impossible without a power strip or extension cord. The desktop speakers are powered by the subwoofer and will only work plugged into it. In this case, I found the cord for the speakers (which is actually one cord with a standard stereo plug at the end that splits into two) just long enough, although I had to 'peel' the cord apart to get the speakers where I wanted.

Considering the amount of times I've dropped these and knocked them over, I'd say they're fairly durable.

Overall: I paid $25 for these retail—'nuff said. For the sound they give, these are a steal compared to more expensive stereo and 2.1 solutions that will only sound somewhere between muddy and average. While they're definitely not for blasting music at a party or shaking the room with movie explosions, they're great for casual music listening and even good as monitors.


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