Successor to the Little Dot I+ amplifier.

Little Dot II+

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  • Successor to the Little Dot I+ amplifier.

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  1. Blue Boat
    "Little Dot II+"
    Pros - bang for buck, very warm tube sound
    Cons - plastic volume knob but the enclosure is mostly metal.
    Posting some pics on later.
    Review moved to a further date. 
    Acer laptop, Little Dot II+ and Grado SR60 on a really old platform
    that was formerly used to hold the cassette playing part of the stereo system.
    Not sure what it's called. The system was scrapped recently.
    Acer 4740G > Little Dot II+ (3.5 to RCA) > SR60 
    SR60 is in the process of a makeover. 
    Will post better pics when I have the time. 

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