Little Dot II+

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Successor to the Little Dot I+ amplifier.

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Pros: bang for buck, very warm tube sound
Cons: plastic volume knob but the enclosure is mostly metal.
Posting some pics on later.
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Acer laptop, Little Dot II+ and Grado SR60 on a really old platform
that was formerly used to hold the cassette playing part of the stereo system.
Not sure what it's called. The system was scrapped recently.
Acer 4740G > Little Dot II+ (3.5 to RCA) > SR60 
SR60 is in the process of a makeover. 
Will post better pics when I have the time. 
The Little-Dot I+ actually came out years after the Little-Dot II+. The Little-Dot II+ was the successor to the Little-Dot II.
Also, while the II++ solved the tube arcing issue (unplugging your headphones when you turn it on also "solves" this), it uses a completely different type of tubes. The II+ uses Directly Heated Triodes (actually Pentodes acting as Triodes) while the II++ uses Indirectly Heated Triodes. Most agree the II+ is more true to the classical tube sound for this reason.
Blue Boat
Blue Boat
Hey man, thanks for the comment. I really dig the warm sound the LD2+ has but I'm still trying to figure out what tubes I've got on... The seller tells me he's replace the smaller tubes with some old Mullard tubes. The lettering has kinda worn off, lol. Anyhow, I'm really new to this whole tube scene so I'll probably be documenting my thoughts on the SQ for the most part. I won't be continuing with this review as it might be a little misleading (me being new to tubes and all) for the rest so I'll just post some pics up here and continue my post in the Amps subforum.


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