The latest flagship product from Lite, the DAC-83, is a sleek and powerfully faithful DAC,...

LiTe DAC 83

  • The latest flagship product from Lite, the DAC-83, is a sleek and powerfully faithful DAC, reinforced by four of the superior Burr Brown PCM1704UK DA chips and a truly balanced Class A design.
    Packaged with an external power supply unit to isolate from interference, the Lite DAC-83 accepts four input types, including optical, I2S, coaxial and AES/EBU balanced digital input; and has two
    After cleaning up the input audio signal and producing a higher resolution of detail, the DAC-83
    employs a fully balanced circuit design that gives great attention to retrieving that detail and accuracy
    of tone. The PCM1704UK DA chips are highly reputed in achieving a neutral output sound, and the
    output stage is fully discrete without op-amps, ensuring no negative feedback. The Lite DAC-83 is
    designed to be capable of an extremely dynamic range up to 133dB, and a vast frequency response
    range of between 10Hz-30KHz.

    Notable to the Lite DAC-83 is the twin-box presentation, where the power supply is housed in a
    separate box that is connected ‘umbilically’ to the main operational DAC unit but it is entirely
    detachable. By isolating the PSU, it prevents a source of noise and EMI coloring the signal conversion
    and sound reproduction. Nonetheless, it is more of a practical solution to help produce purity in
    sound than any inconvenience of having a small second box. Both boxes have stunningly sleek
    aesthetics and build quality, with black-brushed solid Aluminum casing and sophisticated internal
    arrangement. It may weigh in at 15kg, but has a relatively compact size of dimensions. It makes the
    Lite DAC-83 robust and striking, yet uncompromising on quality - with high performance components
    and circuitry, and neutral, high fidelity sound.

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