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LHLabs Geek Out V2

  • The second generation of portable DAC/amps from LH Labs.

Recent Reviews

  1. JJ77
    Much more detail than my present two DACS
    Written by JJ77
    Published Jan 4, 2016
    Pros - Great sound
    Final review:   Well, Got the unit and the new case is much more expensive looking than the previous versions. I am not going to knock down the rating for the delays in shipment etc as the final product is so good (especially for the price point). My current dacs are Windows PC through a Nuforce DAC and a Sony HAP S1 direct to a Lake People G109 head phone amp. Head phones: Grado Pro Series PS500 and Hi FI man HE 500.
    Getting more music detail and clarity through the Geek Out V2+ compared to my other DACs  I do not have sophisticated methods to do technical comparisons (just my ears) . LH Labs have detailed instructions on their site for setting up DSD playback on JRiver software. Other music sources (CDs, mp3s etc all show improved sound vs my other two DAC setups)
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    1. BloodyPenguin
      Did you order this directly from LH Labs?  It does not say in your "review".
      BloodyPenguin, Jan 4, 2016
    2. bigshel99
      I'm part of the Indiegogo campaign... same boat... wait, wait, wait... every 6 weeks or so and update about "we're shipping some test models" or "we have new boards in". For now, I'm chalking my money up as wasted and hoping for a surprise later.
      bigshel99, Jan 5, 2016


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