100+ Head-Fier
Pros: △ Excellent build quality.
△ High quality, medical-grade resin shells.
△ Balanced-warmish tonality that gives you that analogueish vibe.
△ Above average technical capabilities
Cons: ▽ Definitely not neutral sounding.
▽ Unimpressive treble quality.
▽ A tad recessed midrange.

LETSHUOER Conductor has a hybrid multi- drivers inside consisting of a single dynamic driver, 3 premium balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion and 2 dual Sonion "Electrostatic"/Electret. It has a clear, medical grade resin where you can see its drivers along with its acoustic tubes, wirings and small PCB with electronic frequency divider. The shell chassis has a rather large dimension for a typical UIEM form factor but it still gives me some good fitting without issues at all for my 30 minutes of listening session and it really seals well into my lug holes to block some external noises from the outside.


Conductor has a U-shaped, warmish-balanced sound signature that gives us that analogue-ish feel.



Bass is definitely punchy and it has more midbass but to my surprise it has this transparent texture that gives more detail and distinction of bass guitars, cellos, bass drum kicks and bass baritone vocals.


Midrange is somehow a bit recessed in my liking. There are some instances that vocals might sound leaner and a bit subdued, especially on sopranos which are less airy and less energetic. There are some brass sections, strings and percussive sections that sound quite natural and accurate to give less colouration and a more neutral tonality.


Treble is quite balanced on this one, they are neither too dark and dull nor too bright and very intensive on detail retrieval. But it has a rather modest air for a set with "Electrostatic"/Electret drivers.


Technicalities are above average for a high midrange/TOTL set. It has an above average soundstage dimensions on height, width and depth with a rather two-dimensional stereo panning on its imaging capability but it has excellent separation and well-organised layering.


Some Tracks Tested: ( * = 16-bit FLAC, ** = 24-bit FLAC, *'* = MQA, '*' = DSD, *'= .WAV)

Alison Krauss -When You Say Nothing At All *
Jade Wiedlin - Blue Kiss**
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks **
Mountain - Mississippi Queen *
Queen - Killer Queen **
Guns N' Roses - Patience *'*
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven '*'
Sergio Mendes- Never Gonna Let You Go '*'
Pearl Jam - Daughter **
Roselia - Hidamari Rhodonite *
Assassin - Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)*
Celtic Frost- Visual Aggression *
New Order - Blue Monday *
The Corrs- What Can I do (unplugged version) *
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child *
The Madness- Buggy Trousers *
Metallica - Motorbreath **
Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby *
Destiny's Child - Say My Name *
Malice Mizer- Au Revoir *
Mozart - Lacrimosa *
New York Philharmonic Orchestra - Dvorak- Symphony 9 " From the New World." *
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold (Sting cover)*
Michael Jackson - Give In To Me *
Exciter - Violence and Force *
Diana Krall - Stop This World **
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat *'*
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection**
Suzanne Vega – Luka **
Lauren Christy – Steep *
Ottoman Mehter - Hucum Marsi *
Diana Damrau - Mozart: Die Zauberflöte*
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