Lepai LP-2020A+


Pros: actually sound good,clean to a limit
Cons: what do you expect this cost only 20$
There is only so much that you can expect from a amplifer that is priced 20$,as long as you don't compare the sound to a 400$ integrated amplifier this little amplifier actually sounds good for the price you pay.Make sure you use a 12 v 5 A powersupply if you want to get the most out of this amplifier.Get a set of micca mb42x and lepai amp and you have a kickass hifi speaker that you can give it to your kid or something.
Good summary, and aligns with my experience completely. Pair with appropriate speakers and don't expect a $500 sound quality (as krishtrinity1 says in his review above), and it can be really good. For those who have some soldering experience there are several sites that cover some basic things like capacitor replacements that also make a difference. Of course that adds a little to the actual price overall, as does getting the 5A power supply, but its worth it to my mind. The power supply is the simplest and has the most bang for the buck improvement.
Great for kid in college, where you don't really mind if it gets bashed about. Whats the worst that can happen? you have to spend another $26 for a replacement :)
It can be used as the first amplifier for a noobie then it's on to more expensive amplifiers like smsl sa 50 to NAD integrated amplifiers,atleast that is what i am doing


New Head-Fier
Pros: Cheap but still provides good audio
Cons: can't handle bigger speakers well
I bought this amp as I was searching for something small to run a pair of small bookshelf speakers for a desktop PC setup. Ran across the 2020+ and thought wow how good could a $25 amp sound, right?
Well, I ate my thoughts once I got it hooked to my small Polk's. At low to medium volume the little amp can provide pleasing power and the best part is if you have a pair of small speakers sitting around or you buy a pair for say $50 or less. You'll have a way better sounding small system then any Bose or PC speaker system out there. besides the Audiengine systems or more expensive setups. But for a investment of less then $100 especially if you already have speakers. You can have a decent small system, that probably cannot fill a large room with loud audio. But certainly a office, bedroom, or other smaller room with good volume. The big question mark with a T amp is that it runs out of steam when pushed in a hurry. I also find  Bass not so solid, and treble seems a bit brash on some music. Hardly
annoying enough to condemn a amp at $200 let alone $25. As with the rest who reviewed this, I concur that for the money its almost a no brainer to just buy one and play with it.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Nice, warm sound!
Cons: powersupply, background noise
Just bought this amp (actually bought two, because of the pricetag!) and at first, when i powered it on, i was a little worried, as it wouldn't light up in the front, but i just left it their lying on my floor, and when i came back to my room it worked... *easy problemsolving* :)
This little mini amp sure have an amazing sound/price ratio, and with a little modifications, it actually sounds really great! the bass and clarity are a little boosted, while the mid sounds a little muddy, but overall it's definetly worth the 20£ i payed for it (with upgraded powersupple) I'm not an audiofile by any means, but i do own some headphones (ex: Sennheiser Momentum) and my uncle have some 10.000$ speakers, so I do know a little about sound... so back to the modifications i was talking about, recapping the whole thing makes it sound quite a lot better, but the biggest difference (I believe) was upgrading the powersupply; from the stock 12v 2a to a 12v 5a, as the stock one simply doesn't deliver enough power.
So overall this mini amp is definetly worth its pricetag, but probably not worth the "Hi-Fi" label. as one of the other reviews said: "You will not find anything remotely close to this amp's sound quality at this price range. But if you do have the budget to afford something better, that might be a better route to go."


New Head-Fier
Pros: Cheap as heck! $20 for such a good amp! Also gets the job done.
Cons: No headphone out, but then again you're not buying this for headphones.
This little guy is awesome at what it does: providing amplification for passive monitors. With a pair of RCA ins and clips for universal input, if you want versatility for your setup on the cheap this is the thing to get.

It's a metal box with flanges on the side for mounting to surfaces. If you're like me and you don't mount these things, then the flanges will be slightly bothersome. I fixed this by putting rubber bands over them so the amp does not slide around.
The box is solidly built. Made of solid metal. Black casing, silver face. The volume pot is accentuated by a blue LED. There are two additional controls for treble and bass as well as a switch to completely bypass the equalizer. I doubt most of you will want to use this equalizer anyway.
The volume pot is extremely well made. No grinding feeling at all! Buttery smooth to turn, so much so that it moves with the slightest touch. Good for those precise volume adjustments.
The power supply is also well regulated. However, the circuitry isn't good enough to prevent the pop when you turn the amp on and off. The amp also gets quite warm while it's on.

The Lepai is a great thing for its price. They do give plenty of output for sure. I think these could even power 16Ω monitors if one ever wished to do so.
The sound quality is okay. Here the $20 price tag somewhat shows. The bass and treble are boosted with ample clarity, but the mids seem to be muddy. It loses a little bit of detail in the amplification process, but retains enough for detailed listening and monitoring. It's by no means the best, but certainly not the worst.
The sound signature is best described as clinical and neutral. Very good for something this cheap!

This is designed to power passive monitors and passive monitors only. Do not attempt to hook up your high-impedance headphones to this; not only will you have to cut off the connector, but also risk blowing up that headphone. Also do not try to plug active monitors in; those will seriously overheat. They're active for a reason.

Great for the value! You will not find anything remotely close to this amp's sound quality at this price range. But if you do have the budget to afford something better, that might be a better route to go.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Very warm sound, similar to that of tube amps (please note I do not at all liken this to the quality of a £200 or $260 tube amp)
Cons: None other than the powersupply included is only 12V 2A but needs to be upgraded to 12V 5A or more to get best sound.
This amp is amazing. I mean.. literally stunning. I know people will flame me for this but first let me explain. I got this amp on offer on amazon for £15 or ~$22. For the sound to price ratio its amazing, nice deep warm sound. Can't fault it and it sounds better than some of my £100 amps. Now if you choose to tinker around inside and mod this amp it can be truly stunning. For another £5 for some caps and a better power supply this amp now easily beats £200 amps for clarity and volume. Drives some big speakers too (currently running a custom system of two 750W Bass Face speakers and a 500W sub off of it). Bottom line. If you need a cheap to mid range amp then go for this :) happy listening


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Very clean sound and adequate power for very very low price.
Cons: At this price, not really.
I've been using this little amp in my 2 channel home theater, running some bookshelf Silverline speakers, of about 87db sensitivity, connected to my dvd player. It's done an admirable job, always supplying enough clean volume.
Lately I've been using it to run a pair of Stax SR-5's (via an energizer box), and am amazed at the clean very well balanced sound. So far, I'd say it sounds better than my Sherwood tube amp (a bit too warm) and even my Pass Aleph  (a bit thinner),  as far as the headphones are concerned. Haven't been this happy with headphones ever before.
 My Lepai has bass and treble controls, but also has a feature to disable those controls, creating a more direct line to the speakers. What a neat little amp. For $20., I'd say this amp is a super value.