Leckerton Audio UHA-6S portable amp/DAC - Reviews
Pros: Great sound, innovative design, excellent construction, Made in USA, very competitive price, 2 year warranty
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I have rarely been so enthusiastic about any product as I am about this unit. I can't recommend it too highly. The brand deserves much more name recognition than it is getting. These should be on the short list for anyone looking for a portable amp.
Pros: Excellent detailed sound, multiple inputs, USB charging, long battery life, handles 24/96 over toslink, selectable gain, socketed opamps
Cons: less brand recognition than some competitors
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the Leckerton UHA-6S is one of the best portables amps I've used (and I've used a lot). It has a very high end sound, both as an amp and a DAC. The battery life is very good, it charges via a simple USB cable, it works with almost any headphone thanks to dual gain settings, and it even has socketed opamps inside for people who are inclined to tweak. It is built by a small audio company in the USA who offers excellent support, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a full 2 year warranty. There's really not much more one could ask for in a portable amp. You can save $20 by getting a USB only version if you don't think you will ever use the toslink input, but I think it is a nice option to have. I don't understand why this amp isn't more popular.