Leckerton Audio uha 4 slimline portable amp

General Information

The UHA-4 is a slimline USB DAC and amplifier combo featuring digital volume control, crossfeed, and low-noise performance. At less than 1/2 inch thick, the UHA-4 is highly portable and unobtrusive. The aluminum housing, available in silver or black, is sturdy yet lightweight.

Latest reviews

Pros: Crossfeed, price, thickness, built-in-DAC
Cons: Width, Input next to output
I started looking for a headphone amp, to improve the Sennheiser IE8's, but mostly for the anticipated delivery of my Unique Melody Merlins. After thorough reading it came down to either the Pico Slim, Headstage Arrow 4G, ibasso T5 or the Leckerton Audio UHA-4.
The Pico Slim was a bit too expensive for my taste, the Arrow to be a poor performer sound-wise and the ibasso T5 had a nice price, but after reading several reviews about paint chipping off I was turned off.
It came down to the UHA-4 and I'm soo satisfied. Not even knowing what cross-feed was I decided to give it a try when it arrived. And boy is it good! The extremely wide soundstage of the IE8 gains so much height. No more listening fatigue. The size of the amp pairs quite well with an iPhone 4, a tiny bit too wide, but highly portable. Even use it at the gym, without hassle.
And the built in DAC is great for when travelling about with my ZenBook-laptop +  I can charge it easily and enjoy music simultaneously. All win.
Soo satisfied! 


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