Lavri Cables Ligthing Iphone Cable


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Pros: Price,, quality of construction, Sound.
Cons: None
Lavri Cables New Iphone cable
The controversy about audio cables making a difference on how your audio systems sound will never end!
I have been an audiophile for more than 20 years, I have listened to cables that cost thousands and some that cost very little, and have found that some of each, the expensive and the not so expensive make a big difference in how my systems sound. I will call myself a believer. I have had experience with all kinds of cable designs and different conductor materials. From expending countless hours comparing different cables I have come to the conclusion that conductor material is the most important part of any cable, then the design geometry, connectors and shielding play an equally smaller part. Silver is the best conductor material due to its physical properties when transmitting an electric signal.
I asked Konstantin  from Lavri cables to  make me a USB type A to lighting cable which I will use to connect my iPhone 6 to my OPPO HA-2 portable DAC and headphone amplifier. 
Konstantin quickly found a lighting connector and made the cable. I received it in a couple of weeks and immediately preceded to burn it in. After about 200 hours of playing music from my old iPhone 5S to the HA-2 both receiving constant charge I quickly compared it to the Oppo stock adapter which is made of cooper. The difference was easy to hear, the most obvious improvement was an increased amount of detail accompanied by smoother, more natural sounding highs and more controlled bass.  The bass was tighter and controlled, the Mids more real sounding with more detail in the upper and lower midranges.  When listening to Jazz at the pawnshop the cymbals, and metal brushes sounded more real, with much higher detail when compared to the stock cable that came with my Oppo amp. All the micro details were just simply more present, easier to pin point them and feel the instruments and enjoy them separately, they way the recording is supposed to be reproduced.
The cable is beautifully made as you can see in the pictures and quality is top of the line, Konstantin takes pride in making easy on the eye, high quality long lasting products that provide joy to their users. 
Konstantin uses 6N silver solid core conductor braided into 4 core which delivers RFI and EMI rejection and provides low capacitance for the cable. 4% silver solder is used to make all of the cables, and Teflon insulation gives predominant air dielectric and is known as one of the best insulator for bare audio cables.
I use my iPhone - Oppo system together with my beloved Aurisonics 1plus hybrid, universal IEMS at work while I am typing my daily notes on the computer.  I mainly play Tidal Hi -Fi which I enjoy greatly due to it’s good sound and large amount of music available.
This cable was the final piece of my portable system, one that has been greatly improved by using this cable because of its ability to pass through more of the sound being reproduced by my iPhone. This cable has allowed me to get more involved into the music due to its ability to present more and easier to hear details in each track, tighter and more detailed bass, fuller more real sounding  natural vocals .
The physical make up of the cable is fantastic, it is flexible enough to use my 2 component  as a stack without any fear of the cable being damaged. It also holds no shape due to no cable memory and it is easy to use in different positions, whether you use your set up as a stack or side by side. Konstantin offers six different colors of the outer jacket as shown on the first picture.
The price of the cable is $70 shipped to the US, which I consider a great bargain after comparing to other companies prices.
You can contact Konstantin at or at to inquire about his products, services and his prices.