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New Head-Fier
Pros: Tight engaging low end
Great imaging
Solid build
Excellent Vocals
Great Timbre
Cons: Lacking a touch of air
Finer Details
Could be lacking in bass for some.

Review of the Letshuoer DZ4

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In the world of portable audio, finding the perfect pair of...
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New Head-Fier
Pros: - Super value for the price
- Build Quality
- Balanced output
- Ultra low noise LDOs and femtosecond crystal oscillator
- Slightly warm sound (typical Cirrus)
- Removable cable
- Functional button for volume adjustment and play, pause and change song
- Strong power
- Sturdy Zinc alloy case
- Gain switch
Cons: - Random technical specifications
- Non-independent volume
- Super heavy
- Led just show it is on and DSD format
- No Type c to USB adaptor
Tp20 on Cactus

This unit was bought with my own money, I will try to be as objective as possible and being a common...
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New Head-Fier
For KZ AS24 in In-Ear
Pros: - The most “neutral” KZ as of today.
- Clean, neutral sound.
- Quick, clean, detailed bass response.
- Open, detailed, relatively neutral mids.
- Airy, open highs.
- Highly technical sounding IEM under 150 USD.
- Very good isolation.
- Very good build quality.
- Very good stock eartips. It is softer compared to their early version of stock eartips.
- Easy to be driven to its full potential, but scales well on a better source.
- Highly customizable sound signature to your liking. 8 switches per side!
Cons: - BA Timbre is not for everyone.
- Very unforgiving on poorly recorded and mastered tracks (not a con for me, but some may find it so).
- Slight upper mids peaks can be heard on some tracks (subjective).
- Lacks a manual on how to operate the switches.
- Definitely not for smaller ears.
- Might get heavy on ears for longer usage on some ears.
- Might be too sensitive on some source (more on that later).
- Critically lacking accessories. A case, more than one set of eartips, and a decent cable is a necessity for this price point.

KZ AS24 Review!

Good day! After 5 days of casual and critical listening, here’s my written review for...
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anything above it's price point thats more musical? i appreciate the accurate bass, midcentricness(vocals), laid back treble( imaging, noteweight)
@LikeHolborn The Simgot EW200 fits the description. If you want something more musical, you can never go wrong with the Kiwi Ears Cadenza. You'll trade some technical performance quality though :D
my main concern is the vocals forward and background in the background, no mixing/overlap. my budget limit is 400$ thanks man