Latest QCY QY11 APT-X Stereo HIFI Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones - Reviews
Pros: Aptx, water resistant, very light, good volume range, low noise floor, pretty good sound for the price
Cons: Really struggle to get a good fit.
Preamble and Introduction
I have the following headphones in my collection :
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10's
1MORE 1001 triple driver IEM's.
Audio Technica ATH M50X
V-Moda Crossfade Wireless
And many others….
The reason why I am listing some of the headphones I have in my collection is to hopefully explain that I have experience with a wide assortment of different priced headphones. I tend to usually use these headphones directly from my mobile phone (currently a Moto G4 which works quite nicely and has a reasonably powerful headphone output).
One thing I feel it’s only fair to point out before I start the review is that these headphones currently retail for 20 UK Pounds. With this in mind it’s not really very fair to compare them with, for example, the 1More Triple Drivers or Ultimate Ears which cost considerably more. With that said though, I have to say that with headphones - especially in ear monitors, there’s clearly a law of diminishing returns and the differences in sound quality between headphones that cost 20 Pounds and a 200 pounds pair isn’t 180 pounds better. I find it quite remarkable just what 20 Pounds can buy these days.
The QY11’s some in a nice box which contains the usual things you would expect to find with bluetooth earbuds - assorted tips, a micro USB cable for charging and the headphones themselves. The packaging is certainly good enough to gift to someone and there’s nothing else you would need to buy.
The headphones themselves are very light and appear to be well made. They feature in-line controls for basic playback, track skip, volume and power. The USB socket for charging is on one of the headphones and the charge time is impressively fast.  I cannot comment yet on battery longevity but to be honest I rarely wait until my headphones run out of power - I prefer to keep them ‘topped up’ as this helps maintain condition of the battery.
I found the controls to be somewhat stiff and sometimes difficult to find by feel as the buttons are sealed but on the other hand, the control system offers a degree of water resistance which is always a welcome feature on headphones which are designed to be used in all weathers.
Fit and Comfort
To be honest, I really had a problem getting these headphones to fit. In particular I found that I constantly struggled to get the left hand side earbud to fit.I  have always had a problem with headphones with ‘ear guides’ and I guess this is an anatomy problem for me personally - your results may differ of course.
After experimenting with a wide array of different tips I eventually found that a pair of third-party triple-flanged tips offered the best degree of isolation which is essential in order to get the best bass response. Even then, I have to spend quite some time fiddling about with them before I can get a satisfying fit.
Sound Quality
Once I found the right tips the QY11 offers a reasonably balanced sound quality with plenty of volume when required. Bluetooth performance was excellent and I didn’t experience any dropouts during my testing period. I did find the upper mids pushed forward slightly which compelled me to drop the volume slightly in order to reduce listening fatigue.
Bass is fairly deep but somewhat lacking in detail. Certainly not bad for the price but this is an area which more expensive in ear monitors tend to do better than their cheaper counterparts. There’s a somewhat monotone to the bass - like the ‘loudness’ button on an 80’s amplifier being always active.
Mids are detailed and somewhat forward. This can lead to a degree of listening fatigue for some people. Plenty of detail in female vocals for example and will certainly lend itself to some genres of music.
Treble is actually quite sweet. Not overly extended but at the same time not too fatiguing (which is always welcome) and actually sound nicely natural.
The electronics in the QY11’s are impressive. There’s virtually no noise floor, connection speed is fast, controls are fairly responsive and the range is more than acceptable for a headphone of this type. I do find the controls somewhat stiff and difficult to find by touch alone but this might just be a case of having to get used to them

A competent set of bluetooth earbuds with a reasonably good sound quality. Some may experience issues around fit but assuming this isn’t a problem for you, I’m confident you wouldn’t be disappointed with their sound quality and function. Cautiously recommended.
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