Lake People Phone-Amp G107

General Information

The G107 was developped with the target to enable high transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones.
Beneath that, it offers some "Pro"-features like a balanced command input that is also switchable to microphone operation, multi-switchable headphone outputs and a balance control.

Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the G107 fulfils even most sophisticated demands.

LOW-NOISE (-101 dBu A-wtd)
because of low internal gain.
Therefore the self generated noise from the amplifer is not audible.

HIGH OUTPUT VOLTAGE (aprox. 18 V eff into 600 Ohms load)
through 60 Volt internal operating voltage.
Therefore best suited for high impedance headphones.
Over 90 % of all headphone amplifiers in the market offer not half that voltage !!

HIGH OUTPUT POWER (approx 1200 mW into 50 Ohms load)
because of powerful amplifiers able to deliver much more current a headphone needs.
Therefore best suited for low impedance headphones and even magnetostatic cans !!

HIGH DAMPING FACTOR ( >250 relative to a 50 ohms load)
through lowest output impedance.
Therefore best suited for full control even over critical headphones
with the garantee to have flatest possible response.


- 2 x (L/R) Balanced inputs with gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors
- 1 x Balanced command input, switchable to mic-sensitivity
- PRE-GAIN = switchable input gain in three steps
- ALPS RK14 volume- and balance control
- High-Quality op-amps in the signal path
- High-quality MKP capacitors in the signal path
- 0.1 and 1% metal film resistors throughout the unit
- Discrete-design power amp with 4 transistors per channel
- 1 multi-funktional silver-plated Neutrik headphone output
- 2 mono-switchable silver-plated Neutrik headphone outputs
- Large filtering capacitors in the power supply
- Switchable ground lift
- Aluminium case, black anodized
- Aluminium front panel, black anodized, silver silk screening
- Dimensions: 168 x 49 x 145 mm (W x H x D)


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