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After a long wait, the real heavyweight production of 7N SUPER the OCC single crystal copper...

Labkable Supernova Cable

  • After a long wait, the real heavyweight production of 7N SUPER the OCC single crystal copper absolute fever grade ear headphones upgrade line SUPERNOVA is now a grand debut!

    The LABKABLE brings together many years of production experience, advanced audio and large headphones upgrade the wire to use real 7N high purity single crystal copper developed a new generation of ear headphones upgrade the line is now a grand debut!

    (1) there is a very small number of the advantages spared no expense to use the real enthusiast 7N single crystal copper as a conductor, low distortion, high efficiency can be conveyed;
    Use the heavyweight eight shares 7N single crystal copper production, high details to restore the degree of I, a sense of abundant energy;
    3. LABKABLE WEAVETECH special knitting method, with a specific angle so that the positive and negative currents cancel each other out, a very quiet background;
    The only commercially available TELOS the QBT quantum pot-ray machine in the factory for 24 hours to burn practice, greatly reducing the burning practice time with ordinary music;
    5 major factory plug, including the UE, CM, Shure, Westone, deep sea, and so on are available;
    Each upgrade the wire to pay independent certificate, proof of real 7N single crystal copper as the conductor specify the workshop production of the entire staff in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong has extensive experience in master each upgrade the line in the factory through LABKABLE quality control personnel comprehensive quality checks to ensure to reach LABKABLE the highest standards required;

    The new 8-unit 7N SUPER the OCC SUPERNOVA ear headphones upgrade the line sense of hearing:
    Sound natural, human voice IF moist, rich coherence and beautiful high-frequency lines instead of dry, low-frequency control excellent and not loose, with the sound of people a memorable


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