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Pros: 1) Killer bass, deep, controlled, powerful, full-bodied, best I've heard. And I have modded Sony MDR EX800ST's as my daily drivers. This bass will try to catch your recessed mids, without actually succeeding.
2) Microdetails are there and they are naturally tuned, good sense of realism.
3) Almost not sibilant, which is a big progress for KZ.
4) Holy hell the price, I've got them for 33$.
5) It is pleasure to listen to them. It's just pure fun: a) great bass; b) nicely tuned microdetails (higher treble); c) low dynamic range means you can hear everything without trying.
6) Soundstage: great for an IEM. Maybe even outside of your head, 20cm-1m (depends on the song) away from your ears and almost in front of you, more like near your forehead. Open-back designs rule.
Cons: 1) Mids are recessed, there's some obvious dip somewhere, very prominent after listening to some neutral earphones. Like something was sucked out, very strange, creates nasal feeling on some tracks.
This ia actually a pretty big con.
2) QC issues are so strong that out of 3 different KZ pairs ALL of them had some defects. This time it's the packaging and included eartips, which I don't use, but still. Also connectors have some strange angles, probably weren't molded correctrly.
They sound like ZS6's with upgraded bass and higher treble.
However, 8kHz sibilance is still out there.
Definitely a bad choice for natural sounding genres like jazz or anything with lots of acoustic instruments.
Great choice for everything else.
You can replace their blueish blue faceplates with the ones you have on your ZS6's, they will fit.
B+ and a personal favorite.


New Head-Fier

I typically hate in-ear earbuds with a passion. I consistently get poor fit leading to annoying microphonics and hearing my own breath. I don't know what it is that makes this one fit, as I have tried other earbuds in this companies line, but I experience zero of the downsides of earbuds wearing these headphones. I'm amazed.

They are warm and not too bassy. Very clear for this price point. Impressive

Being a new convert to in-ear I don't have context for similar in-ear alternatives. Apparently, I have never worn a pair that actually fit before so that is great to learn. Still, they compare favorably to my last daily headphones, which were the OURART Ti7 at a better price to give some context. I would say they compete with my last favorite pair of earbuds the MusicMaker Ting. These are all on ear (rather than in) but my point is this thing punches above its price point.

I definitely recommend.


Pros: modest price, musical, warm
Cons: They make me regret buying most of my other IEMs, especially the custom ones.
I'm more of a lurker, but every once in a while, I will post something about a set of headphones or IEMs that are worth every penny of their cost. I own headphones and IEMs randing from $9.99 to $1999. While I love the high-end equipment, there is something about IEMs at the low end of the market that sound nearly as good as the high end.

Due to the price point, I buy nearly everything KZ makes. The KZ ZST are my go-to pair of inexpensive IEMs, and several co-workers bought a pair after listening to them on my Hiby R3, which I keep at my desk. Recently, I received a pair of KZ ZS7 "earphones". I don't know why I got them -- I only have two ears and over three dozen headphones and IEMs -- but they are my favorite IEMs I own.

The sound is warm and full. I have tinnitus and a constant buzz in the high 7K range, and I t prefer more musical, warmer tuning. The KZ ZS7s are clear and loud. For my tastes, these are nearly the perfect IEMs.

I compared these to the more expensive Fiio F9 Pros and while I like the aesthetics of the F9s more, the ZS7s I preferred the ZS7s in every other way. The same goes to comparing them to my set of Audeze iSine 10s. ( I should mention that I keep myHiby R3's volume at the 60 to 65 range most of the time, but when I plugged in the ZS7s I had to turn down the volume to 15, which surprised me.)

The cable that came with my set is surprisingly good quality. Somewhere a year or so ago I purchased a compatible "upgraded" cable that cost several times the price of KZ's highest priced IEMs. I usually can hear the difference, but this time the stock cable was just as good. Most of my KZs have a "bend" in the connector, but the wires that came with my ZS7s was straight. I'm unsure if KZ changed the design or whether these were non-standard cables.

For me, the ZS7s are my new favorite "every day" earbuds that are better than ones for which I paid hundreds of dollars. I want to be critical of these IEMs, but I really cannot find anything I do not like about them. I highly recommend these to anyone who likes warmer, musical sound profiles.

[I found out that this was purchased through Yinhoo The cable looks different than the KZ ZS7s from other sellers, which may or may not mean this company replaces the stock cable.]

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Pros: Value, Sound signature, full spectrum
Cons: Cable
I received a complimentary pair of KZ ZS7 earphones from the folks at **** Audio and was asked to evaluate them objectively. I am happy to do that.

It appears that KZ has successfully reengineered the overly sibilant ZS6 into a set of full spectrum phones. The stock, non-mic cables I received produce a veiled, bass boomy sound signature that hides how excellent these earphones can sound. Ditch them quickly and opt for more balanced cables. Just make sure the 2-pin cables are compatible with the phones. Some of the earlier KZ compatible cables have pins that protrude too much, as the plastic holder the pins are in stick out too far for the ZS7s. They can be used, but they won’t be flush with the earphones’ sockets.

Earphones are only the end component of your audio system. If you have low resolution sound files or poorly recorded sound files being played by a low quality source, don’t expect any sonic miracles from the ZS7s. If you are listening to lossless format music on a quality DAP, these could very easily become your daily travel IEMs. I like the tips that KZ ships, as they seal well for me. If you don’t have a good seal, you are missing much of your music, bass especially.

These phones fit my ears very well. It may be different for you, as comfort in IEMs is extremely subjective. I must wear a medium tip in my right ear and a large in my left to seal appropriately and this causes problems for me in some of my phones. Experiment with various tips to find ones that seal AND feel comfortable. You’ll enjoy your musical experiences more, if you do.

These are excellent phones for the money and they deserve better cables. Much better cables.
My copy was total failure, uneven spectrum, dull lows and highs, I guess **** Earphones Store just sent me seconds, I hope they will be better than ZS6 but was totally disappointed.
Could you send me address of **** Audio with KZ7? Perhaps **** Audio is better company?
**** Audio is one of the vendors available on Amazon. I've bought a few KZs from them, though I have bought a cable from **** and it was good quality. I love the ZS7s, though with the default cables, I did have issues with the left earbud falling out until I readjusted the curve of it to fit my ear better.