KZ x HBB DQ6S iem

General Information

Product Parameters​

Product model:






Plug type:


Pin type:

2PIN 0.75mm

Product weight:


Wearing mode:

Ear hook

Cable length:



Rose gold, Graphite color

Drivers Type:

6mm single magnetic dynamic drivers x2, 10mm dual magnetic dynamic drivers x1

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
KZ x HBB DQ6S iem
Pros: Good pronounced bass - low sub and mid bass
Clean Clear Mids Vocals - not recessed nor veiled
Treble Extension is good enough - details and seperation is adequate
Cons: Needs amping to shine and thus better soundings
Existing Nozzle shaft diameter a little small, need find suitable tips
Only 3 pairs of narrow bore silicon tips are provided, lack wide bore

Disclaimer: Thank you and kudos to KZ for arranging this review unit, all herewith are based on own observation with no affiliation nor obligation, noob observation - please enjoy.

Packaging / Presentation :

Packaging wise is standard KZ small little white cardbox, IEMs are resin built with either black or pink faceplate option. This package comes with only 3 pairs of white narrow bore and 1 pair of foam tips, wished they have included some wide bore tips which i preferred when i tested them. However the stock cable seems to be a little softer and flexible as compared to previous edition.

Equipment used / Music choices :

iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Spotify Connect - Topping DX3PRO - L30
iMac - Linux - RPI4 8GB - Volumio Spotify Connect - ifi Zen Dac v2.0 - ifi Zen Can
Sony walkman A55 with Fiio A5 Portable Amplifier / Fiio M9 DAP 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal
LG G7+ / Samsung Note8 / iPhone11 - Apple Dongle [UAPP / Tidal] 3.5mm SE, Samsung Dongle, X1, CXpro, Shangling UP5

Music Tracks - variety of pop, jazz, country, instrumentals, audiophile male/female, chinese / cantonese favourites.
Some of tracks used -
Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love, Billie Ellish - Happier Than Ever, Aha - Hunting High and Low, Camomile - Fields of Gold, Chicago - You are the Inspiration, Depeche Mode - Strange Love, Eagles - Hotel California, Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care, Fleetwood Mac - Big Love, Glass Tiger - Thin Red Line, etc..

Sound Impression :

Timbre is natural and organic due to the 3 dynamics driver used - 1x10mm and 2x6mm. Coherence of the 3 drivers are considered good, quite smooth transition and flowing.

Tonality is a V shaped, bassy not muddy with good low sub and mid bass, slammed pounding hard when required. No bleeding were heard which will muffled the mids vocal is a very good thing i noticed. Mids Vocal of Male and Female are basically considered clean and clear [even with bass in background], it is not recessed nor veiled. In group, both lead and back up singers voices are still clearly seperated and heard clearly. As for the High Treble section [as seen in the FR], this is a very well tuned no sibilance to sensitive hearing ears which some might prefer. To me, there is adequate details and seperation on the instrumentals.

Soundstage is not the widest which some may prefer, enough width, not much height nor depth though.

Conclusion :

I think KZ has found a good tuning for the DQ6S which i will consider satisfy me on the 3 area of sound, bass mids treble are a tick in the box for my liking, including the timbre and tonality. Will gladly recommend this model as a safe bet for a wide range of music genres lovers.


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How different this HBB version from the original DQ6 that I have? I understand bass should be boosted. Would be great to see a graph of the 2 compared....


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