KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones

General Information

The ED9 headphone is not just an exaggeration. All three frequency ranges are balanced. Treble is smooth, mids are not crowded and bass is not boomy. With provided sound tuning nozzles, allowed users to tune the sound to their desire. Shining silver surface, simple and textured.

1. Upgrade tuning nozzles, for different musical styles
The bass and balanced nozzles allow users to tune its audio settings by switching different nozzles. Bass for a bass-enhanced experience, Balance for full-spectrum smoothness.

2. Innovative T shaped pole piece driver unit
The all new driver unit effectively eliminates the negative pressure in driver, providing clear, soft feel of sound and better extension of vocals.

3. New vibrant PEK diaphragm
With extremely sensitive and fast response force, this KZ ED9 headphone has purer vocals, dynamic texured bass.

4. Musical instruments level acoustics brass housing
The copper housing enhance the resonance effect, the tone is clearer and brighter, reproduce the fresh thorough and extremely dynamic sound.
ED9 with bright silver chrome plated surface, simple and textured.

Latest reviews

Pros: acoustic filters are FUN, good build, bass, price, metal housing
Cons: too much bass, no instructions
The ED9 is overall a good and very funny iem from China. 
build + design:
The metal housing shows confidence and it looks like it won't break for a long time. I did like the looks overall (but the color of the cable is ugly in my point of view). No driver flex, which is very good from a low-budget iem (oh I remember you, AWEI). The cable is noting special, but the plug didnt fit very well in my Sony M4. Didn't have the chance to try it out with other phones, but  I used a bunch of IEMs with this phone and they did fit fine.
package + accessories:
the acoustic filters are FUN! at first. They come with 2 acoustic filters which changes the soundpicture completely, one highlights the bass and one is kinda like a reference filter with no filter at all (at least I guess so since no instructions came with the package which is a shame and a big black point for KZ). I liked the bassy one a lot more: the reference one was too boring for me (no bass, no dynamic, less fun) but IMO a lot of bassheads will like the bassy one since it surely has tons of deep and bass. It has 2 pairs of filters and 3 pairs of silicone air tips. The package is plastic and can be used as a bag if you remove the accessories from it which is a great idea.
SoundQuality: I spoilered it at the acoustic filters: overall I did like them very much (for 9$ very-very good SQ), a little too much deep for my taste, so be careful, if you like neutral or balanced EQ then use the other filter. The soundstage and the details very better then expected (yet again, for this price): this one is surely a fun thing to use.
for this price I would recommend this IEM to everyone who likes to experiment, looks for a decent, metal housing earphone or just likes a lot of bass: value/price ratio is 5/5. Recommended.
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Thanks for your review! 
Pros: Build Quality, Brass Tuning Nozzle, Audio Quality, Priceeee
Cons: No Instructions
I am a music lover and an engineer by profession
Things I own:
Fiio X1
Shure SE215 in ear
audio technica ath-m40x
Harman Kardon IENC in ear
Harman Kardon AE in ear
JBL TMG81BL Tim McGraw Artist Series On Ear Headphones
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED9 in ear
AKG K451 on ear

I happened to stumble upon this by mistake on head-fi and thought lets order one. 13$ there is nothing much to loose.

Packaging: Good

Build quality: Wow, did not expect that for 13 bucks. Solid Steel casing, Great solid wires and Brass Tuning nozzles.

Audio Quality:
I use my fiio x-1 to test any earbuds or headphones with some excellent flac flies (lossless music files). I usually connect my earphones to lapop and play a 20+ hour play list to ensure new earbud or headphones burn in.

I dont love extra bass in my music. I enjoy music the way it is without any altercation. So I switched onto the filter less nozzles (No User manual by the Manufacturer to differentiate between the nozzles. The one with black filter on it is extra bass)

Post a day Connected it to my Fiio X-1 and started with my favorite song, Riders on the storm (The doors), Oh man I was blown away. I was getting the feel that these earbuds gonna be my favorite ones.
I was skeptical about the fit, I get cranky when earbuds dont give a comfort fit and with 13$ i was really not expecting a good fit. (I hate silicone tips as they always give me an annoying fit. So changed the tips to Memory foam). With Memory foam tips on it, I can say they are quite comfy and give adequate noise isolation.

After playing some Jazz, played some adele songs (I love her voice and I really love good vocalists). Then turned on to MJ thriller album. I was blown away. They reproduce the sound the way it is no added bass perfect lows and mids.

I doubt they get better with more burn in, I already have played good 60+ hours and no change. As it is they are just perfect.

You cannot go wrong with this.If these were made by any other famous brand, they would be selling it for 100-150$).

Build Quality: 5 stars
Audio Quality: 5 stars
Pros: Everything
Concern: No instruction on Nozzles, Some of the members have posted concern on QC (I did not encounter any)

Suggestion: Keep good music source and quality music files

Conclusion: If you love good music and you want something under budget, here it is. T
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Pros: Price; Bass; Fun overall sound
Cons: Bass is quite strong. Non-Bass nozzles sound. QC (?)
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED9 - Another contender for the 'Best Value'?
Frequency Response: 7-46200Hz (?)
Sensitivity: 108dB
Input Impedance: 18Ω
Price: not sure about the retail price, but it goes under $20 (or even under $10) 
4 pairs of silicone tips (1xS, 2xM, 1xL)
2 pairs of interchangeable nozzles
The KZ ED9 model looks quite nice on its silver and gold mix; silver housings and golden nozzles, both made of a certain metal alloy. Strain relief is flexible but a bit short. Cable a bit rubbery, doesn't hold a memory effect, but is kind of springy and average on microphonics. The plug looks well made from the outside, but can't really say about the internal QC, as some noise was noticed at times when just touching the plug.
Fit, Comfort and Isolation:
No issues here. The housings' shape is rather straight, not too wide or long, so the fit is quite easy. While they do feel just a bit heavy on hands, they stay fixed once on the ears without any discomfort.
Isolation is quite good. The large vents on the back don't seem to have any negative effect. I'd say isolation is about same level of SoundMagic E50/80 and Hifiman RE400.
There've been many good impressions about the high SQ performance of the Knowledge Zenith earphones for their very affordable prices. While this is the first KZ model I get to try, I can now confirm what the whole 'hype' is about. For something that goes below the $20 range, the ED9 offer a really good sound, not just for 'quality for price' alone, but as a whole musical experience.
While the ED9 feature exchangeable nozzle, the overall signature leans towards the warm, very warm, and bassy side of things, but still very smooth and enjoyable.
Starting from the low frequencies, they're obviously dependant on the nozzle choice. With the 'bass' ones, the bass is very prominent and dominant, quite strong and full-bodied. Quantity wise it is not far from being classified as a bass-cannon with an unforgiving impact. Fortunately, it manages to keep a more than acceptable level of control and doesn't really lack in detail for the asking price. Sub-bass is quite good, actually; reaching the lowest freq. without much effort with a very enjoyable rumble and speed.
Switching to the other nozzles is like almost turning a 'bass gain' switch off. The enormous quantities turn into a just north neutral in comparison; but still present nonetheless. The extension remains unaffected, but it's a much thinner and tighter bass, leading to a more balanced overall sound. That said, the whole fun factor is also missing and might be found even boring for some.
Despite the bass results from each nozzle, both midrange and treble remain pretty much unchanged. Yes, there are the obvious effects of the strong bass response, but the positioning and detail differences are less than what would be expected.
With the bass nozzle there's some bass bleed and general warmer tonality from lower to upper mids, while cleaner and a bit thinner and less veiled than with the other nozzles.
The midrange itself is somehow recessed and lacks a bit of presence. Detail and separation are rather good; nothing outstanding, though. Where the ED9 mids' real strength lays is in its musicality factor as it's more focused in presenting a very enjoyable and catching sense of warmth and detail.
Vocals are a bit distant but are sweet and full in body for a bassy earphone. Not my first choice for vocals centered genres, but would take the ED9 over something like the Xiaomi Piston 2 anytime without a second thought.
Treble is very smooth, a bit laid back with just a bit more authority than the midrange, but still kept in the safe zone. It will still give enough energy when really called, though. Upper extension is average, nice for the overall signature. Sibilance is not perceived at moderate volumes, unlike the Piston 2, and it's less grainy at lower highs than a Fidue A31s, but is also less resolving than both.
Stage is wide and deeper than average, but height is not enough to give a whole 3D effect. With the bass nozzles, the ED9 still sounds much bigger than the A31s or the Penon IEM, even without applying extra EQ.
The KZ ED9 is a very strong contender and very well valued for an IEM that just goes under $20. QC aside, the sound is very well tuned and very fun for the warm and bassy signature. Bass is quite addicting, a bit tiring at times, but well meant for bassheads in a tight budget. Not much to add here, simply a new addition to the 'best value' list.
I don't know why & how you guys talking about the bass being good, I haven't felt it so far.
I didn't feel bass either. The bass version was actually tolly lacking it. The quality of this product is really a problem, each piece can look and sound different. This approach is not good for audio product, can't recommend this product, really. I gave it away to someone who has low expectations (like using 1$ headphone before).
I've had two pairs of the KZ ED9 and have had a slight issue with QC, one of the nozzles had excess glue which caused one channel to sound different. I simply punched the mesh out of the nozzle and it's all good. The sound of these IEMs is fantastic, not just at their price either. I prefer them to my Fiio EX1, VC1000s and RHA M750. I use the non bass filter as the full bass nozzle is far too rich for my tastes.  
So to put this into context, I paid little more than £8 for these IEMs. I've spent more on lunch at Starbucks. Rejoice in the fact that it's possible to buy a decent IEM so cheaply


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