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Pros: Amazing value for it's price, Absolutely winner's in this price category, Overall sound is good, Great build quality
Cons: Could be more emphasis on vocals, The cable is sticky, which causes to fall out when your doing something active (e.g. working)
The KZ ED2 are some good pair of earphones for a very low price. It performs very well on levels of sound, design and build quality. It delivers amazing value for it's money!

Last year KZ established a strong brand in earphones. As a company they have quitte a broad range of models they are offering. One of the most popular models is the KZ Ate. In this KZ ED2 review we recognized that these earphones also offer great value. The KZ ED2 that we are reviewing today, you can buy for only about $6, which is really a low price for the value you get back!


What can you expect from a $6 dollar earphone? The KZ ED2 are able to deliver a very good sound for it’s price! On high levels of volume it’s able to produce accurate sound, that’s not getting distorted. I prefer the volume high on these earphones, since the quality sounds is kinda better on these levels. The bass of the headphone is nice, it’s a tight and punchy bass. The mid levels of the KD ED2 are good, the vocals with songs are sounding good, however not exceptional. Finally the treble fit’s good in the overall sound, it’s on a good levels, but not too high. You can have long listening sessions is without getting discomfortable. Overall all the sounds are good, Despite they are good, they are not able to compete with the sound of the Rock Zircon. The bass and mid’s of the Rock Zircon’s are really of a higher level.


Design & Build Quality
The build quality and design of the KZ ED2 are awesome. They are looking really as an expensive pair of earphones, as you can see on the pictures. Also I really love the back of the earphones, which have a fancy look. The cable is made of kinda rough material, like most of the KZ earphones. For me this cables are a downside. I like to workout and be active, and these cables are sometimes sticking to my clothes which causes to pull out my earphones. Despite the material, the quality of the cable is of high quality.


In this KZ ED2 review we concluded that KZ delivered a good pair of earphones with the KZ ED2 for it’s price. Im sure for this price it’s the best you can get on the market, since it’s only $6. The sound quality is overall good on all levels. Furthermore the build quality is very high and I really like the design of the earphones. If you want to have a cheap gift for your friends, or an extra pair of good earphones I really recommend to buy these. If you are looking for the best audio quality, are willing to spend a few more dollar’s, I recommend to check out the Rock Zircon’s.

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